Out of Control Carjackers Go After Grandma

New Orleans is a city of 1.3 million people led by Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell. Like other blue cities across the nation, New Orleans has experienced an awful crime surge during the pandemic.

It’s not a safe place to be, and even pleasant parts of the city can quickly turn into a nightmare with no warning.

That’s what happened recently to 73-year-old New Orleans resident Linda Frickey, in a carjacking case that shocked and revolted the entire nation.

What Happened?

Earlier this week on Monday afternoon, Frickey was carjacked in the Mid City area of New Orleans. A group of black teens approached her and stole her car, forcing her out of the vehicle. They slammed the door shut and started driving off.

The problem is her arm was still stuck in the seatbelt and was hauled over the pavement for more than a block before her arm was ripped off in the closed door. The woman was screaming for them to stop, but they kept going.

Witnesses were screaming for the carjackers to stop, but they ignored the screams and drove off.

A man and his wife ran towards Frickey and tried to help her as she bled to death on the pavement. All her clothes were ripped off and she was slowly dying in a pool of blood with no arm.

They prayed beside this humiliated and disgraced woman as the animals who had murdered her continued speeding away.

Witnesses Hope for the Best

Witness Mark Mascar and his wife, who prayed beside Frickey, said they were hoping for the best.

Mascar said it’s the most “horrific” thing he’s ever seen and he was hoping every siren he heard could be an ambulance coming to save her. Tragically, Frickey died.

As for the stolen vehicle, it was recovered a few minutes away and the perpetrators arrested. It turns out the main suspect had already been arrested seven times and hit with over 25 charges.

He’d been put back out on the street, due to a liberal district attorney who believes criminals need to be coddled. Now, Frickey is dead in the most brutal way possible.

Her death has shocked New Orleans and America, but it’s also not as surprising as it should be to many residents of Midtown and other blue cities.

Midtown business improvement leader Tim Levy said what used to be a nice neighborhood has become extremely dangerous. He added “everyone” is purchasing a gun to defend themselves.

It’s basically become a warzone, and nobody is safe, not even a kindly old woman.

The Bottom Line

Get out of blue cities while you still can. These places are dens of crime and violence.

They’re full of legal activists who believe in helping convicted criminals and leaving victims to die.