One of America’s Biggest Companies Tries to Bully Ron DeSantis, Gets Their Behind Handed to Them

The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest corporations in the world.

It is owned by Vanguard and Blackrock; its revenue in 2021 was over $67 billion. Disney is currently headed by a man called Bob Chapek.

Recently, Chapek put through a call to the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.

The reason he called was to talk to DeSantis about Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law. He wanted DeSantis to override this bill and strike it down.

Put simply, the new bill stops teachers in Florida schools from teaching kids younger than 8-years-old about sex and gender theories.

DeSantis accepted Chapek’s call, but what happened next is the last thing the CEO of the ultra-rich woke corporation expected.

Disney Gets Rejected and Scolded by DeSantis

Chapek was calling because Disney is woke and lobbied by many people to push far-left gender and sex ideology on kids. You can even see signs of this perversion in some of their old cartoons with subliminal sex innuendo and imagery.

Though DeSantis didn’t give Chapek what he wanted. He told him to back off and criticized the focus on trying to push strange ideas on young kids.

DeSantis doing this might not seem like a big deal, except you have to keep in mind that Disney is Florida’s biggest company.

Unlike many conservatives in the Republican party, DeSantis isn’t just talk. He prefers action, and he doesn’t back down from a fight. He will tell a leftist their ideas are incorrect and harmful; he will tell them that directly to their face.

We need more of this and we need it across the country. Might does not equal right, and rich companies like Disney need to learn when to tap out and give up on their cultural Marxist insanity.

America has had enough!

DeSantis Explains More About His Position

Speaking later to parents, DeSantis opened up more about his position and why he opposes woke ideology so much.

In a later talk with parents on Thursday, DeSantis slammed the CEO for trying to push “woke gender ideology” and said transgender ideology will not be “injected” into youngsters in the state of Florida.

He considers it harmful and disturbing to young minds; psychological research shows that DeSantis is absolutely correct.

DeSantis also pointed out Disney has absolutely no position to be thinking it’s a moral authority or has some kind of ethical status.

The company literally makes hundreds of millions doing business in the dictatorship and genocidal regime of Communist China.

As DeSantis noted, they “make a fortune” and they don’t say anything about China’s horrific domestic and foreign practices of murdering innocent minorities and those who disagree with its ideology.

Disney needs to sit down and shut the hell up!