NYT Fires Longtime Reporter Over One Mistake He Made Two Years Ago

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The Daily Beast is a liberal rag that likes to push gossip and drama. It’s a publication that even hosts a podcast by Lincoln Project co-founder and degenerate loudmouth Rick Wilson and Bulwark progressive princess Molly Jong-Fast.

To be clear: the Daily Beast is not on your side if you care about freedom, America or doing what’s right.

Their latest action is low-down even by Beast standards. They dug up and verified rumors that veteran New York Times science reporter Donald McNeil Jr. had said the n-word on a trip to Peru with students. He did so while asking about the controversy over people who use the n-word.

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The Times Fires McNeil

The student trip to Peru resulted in a number of students saying McNeil had been using racist words or sexist comments. The time that he said the n-word apparently occurred during a meal when one student asked what McNeil thought about whether a student should have gotten in trouble for using racist terms in a video they made.

“To understand what was in the video, I asked if she had called someone else the slur or whether she was rapping or quoting a book title. In asking the question, I used the slur itself,” McNeil said.

If what he says is true then McNeil being fired is outrageous. He was simply verifying which word had been used in order to give a worthwhile opinion on whether the student using the n-word should have been punished or not.

‘We Became Aware of Complaints’

A representative for the NYT said that their investigation revealed McNeil had behaved inappropriately on the trip, and executive editor Dean Baquet said he was “outraged” to hear about what had happened, but decided when he first heard that it wasn’t something the reporter should be fired over.

The NYT in 2020 has changed its tune, however.

“In 2019, Donald McNeil, Jr. participated in a Student Journeys as an expert. We subsequently became aware of complaints by some of the students on the trip concerning certain statements Donald had made during the trip,” the NYT rep said.

“We conducted a thorough investigation and disciplined Donald for statements and language that had been inappropriate and inconsistent with our values. We found he had used bad judgment by repeating a racist slur in the context of a conversation about racist language. In addition, we apologized to the students who had participated in the trip.”

We can only hope that one day the students can get over the trauma.

Who Was Behind the Firing Decision?

Despite Baquet being upset on hearing about McNeil’s use of the n-word, he concluded in context that it wasn’t meant in a racist way. But the real reason McNeil was now fired wasn’t Baquet or even NYT leadership: it was his own coworkers.

Progressive NYT staff – over 150 of them – sent a letter to Baquet demanding McNeil be let go after the Daily Beast report came out, saying they were “deeply disturbed” and felt much more should have happened to McNeil following the incident in 2019.

“We, his colleagues, feel disrespected by his actions. The company has a responsibility to take that experience seriously,” the employees wrote.

How painful for them to experience reading an article about their colleague using a word years ago while asking a question about a word. Talk about employee loyalty, these absolute snakes didn’t even bother asking McNeil whether the n-word discussion had been about rap lyrics, for example, where the word is used constantly.

The next time some 30-something NYT progressive raps along to a song full of the n-word before going back to their upscale Penthouse to relax with a glass of wine I guess they should be fired on the spot.