North Korean Dictator’s Sister Threatens to Nuke South Korea

North Korea is famous for being a strange and dangerous place. It’s led by a tubby dictator called Kim Jong-un who is the grandson of the nation’s founding psychopath, Kim il-sung.

North Koreans worship his grandfather as a god, and Kim also has a firm grip on power.

However, this male-dominated society has one interesting development in recent years, and that is the rise of Kim’s sister, Kim Yo-jong.

Yo-jong is a tough lady, and she doesn’t mince words. This lean and mean communist machine is fully on board with North Korea’s plans for world domination.

She recently made a threat that’s got the rest of the globe quite worried.

Yo-Jong to South Korea: Move an ‘Inch’ and We’ll Immediately Nuke You

North Korea is a country born out of tragedy and mass death.

It emerged as a way to divide the Korean peninsula between the United States and the Soviet Union, following World War Two.

The north’s early history involved fighting off Japanese invaders and then fighting a brutal war against the South during the Korean war from 1950 to 1953.

Millions of North Koreans died in the conflict, which is still used as a major propaganda feature in their hate rallies against America and the West.

China is North Korea’s main sponsor, and its deepest enemies are Japan and South Korea.

Japan is its historical enemy which North Koreans despise intensely, while South Korea is seen as an American colony of idiots who must be forced to reunify and come back to the real Korea by force if necessary.

The thing is South Korea’s not interested. Their booming economy and stable society would prefer to stay far away from North Korea’s dictatorial socialism.

This is why South Korea cooperates closely with the American military and makes sure it can defend against any future attack from its crazy northern neighbors.

To that effect, South Korea’s defense minister Suh Wook recently announced the south has been upgrading its missile ability and can strike anywhere in the North “very quickly” and with full “accuracy.”

Hearing this sent North Korea’s leadership into a rage, especially Yo-jong. She shot back with an enraged threat that if the South even comes “one inch” onto the North’s territory, they will be blasted with a nuclear weapon.

Yo-jong: We Will ‘Eliminate’ Your Military if You Move on Us In Any Way

Yo-jong went further, saying her Hermit Kingdom would “eliminate” the entire South Korean military if they take any action against North Korea.

She said the “catastrophe” South Korea would find itself in is something they could “never imagine.”

According to Yo-jong, “nuclear warfare” would be the “inevitable” choice if South Korea chooses to violate the North in any way. Yo-jong specified she’s not just making an idle “threat,” but is giving a “detailed explanation.”

At the same time, Yo-jong noted South Korea is not the top enemy of the North and they don’t want a war.

However, if the South moves on them even in a mistaken military action, they will be reduced to radioactive waste, she warned, calling South Korea’s minister of defense a piece of “scum” and an idiot.