Nightmare in Israel as Terrorists Strike Again

The nation of Israel has been dealing with a wave of terror attacks over the last several weeks.

Extremists who hate Jews and want to terrorize innocent Israelis have shot people down across the country in random terror attacks.

The latest attack occurred on Thursday night as folks were out enjoying a normal night in downtown Tel Aviv in a crowded tourist area with good bars and restaurants.

That’s when an Arabic terrorist walked into a busy bar on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff Street and started shooting anyone he could as people ran and dove for cover.

Horrific Chaos as Lifelong Friends Die

The terrorist has been named as 28-year-old Raad Hazem.

He shot anyone he could at several Dizengoff Street bars, injuring eight and killing two young men who had been friends since their youngest childhood and another father of three.

The two university students were 27-year-old Eytam Magini and 27-year-old Tomer Morad. The best friends were out for a drink when this animal decided to come in and start killing people.

Hazem also killed a father of three, 35-year-old Barak Lufan. After shooting up the bars, the terrorist ran away as police and Israeli security Shin Bet agents swarmed the scene.

This is when the manhunt began. Authorities warned Tel Aviv residents to stay away from any windows as they began tracking this piece of filth through the city.

They carefully tracked his every step and eventually found the sick murderer trying to shelter near a mosque in the nearby city of Jaffa.

He tried to shoot at the Shin Bet officers, which is when he was shot down and killed. At this time, four more of the innocent Israelis shot by Hazem are also in critical condition and may not survive.

Witness Describes Chaos

A witness who was shot describes the chaos, saying they saw the window explode and suddenly felt a warm big amount of liquid, which was blood running down their back.

They were rescued by an ambulance after friends stopped the heavy bleeding in the meantime.

Another witness said everyone “dove” under the tables and people were crying in fear for their lives as the terrorist shot everywhere.

On March 22, another terrorist mowed down four people in Beersheba, Israel.

The Bottom Line

Magini, Morad, and Lufan’s friends and family are heartbroken following this unprovoked attack.

There is never an excuse for terror, and the conflict between Israel and Palestine does not in any way justify these kinds of attacks.

The terrorist was an illegal immigrant from the terrorist hotbed of Jenin, Palestine, who should never have even been in Israel, also demonstrating the importance of strong border security.

If this situation keeps escalating, there may be another war in the Middle East in the near future.