New York Post Slams Big Tech and Leftist Media Liars

During the 2020 election, the mainstream news media went all in for Joe Biden.

They did their best to hide that he was senile, hide his racism, and the numerous ties between his family and Communist China.

The media and Big Tech also did everything they could to make sure the Hunter Biden scandal got swept under the rug.

Though not everyone forgets so easily; the journalists behind the Hunter story are speaking out.

The Hunter Biden Scandal

As the black sheep of the Biden family, Hunter has a long history of drug abuse and sleazy flings with prostitutes.

The problem is it was worse than that. His laptop recovered by journalists at the New York Post ended up showing possible evidence of sexual acts with minors. It also revealed discussions of national security information with foreign individuals.

That’s not to mention all the drug use the laptop showed, including the infamous photo of Hunter with a crack pipe in his mouth.

This all came out around the final showdown between President Trump and Joe Biden. However, many Americans never saw it.

That’s because Facebook and Twitter blocked the Post from sharing the story. The rest of the media and America’s top spies, meanwhile, said the whole thing was just a Russian spy trick.

Now, the Post is speaking out, and they’re mad as hell.

The Post’s Probe

Part of the Post’s investigation was about whether Biden helped get top officials in Ukraine fired, due to Hunter’s position with Ukraine gas company, Burisma.

Then, when they found the laptop, the questions about Hunter’s actions got even more urgent.

Though everyone, from the New York Times to the censoring Big Tech moguls, said the New York Post was out of line, conspiratorial, and unethical.

They insulted, blocked, and countered their story, bringing on top spies like perjurer James Clapper to say the laptop and scandals over Hunter were just confusion spread by Russia.

Now, the Times and leading experts are admitting it was all true about Hunter’s strange dealings in Ukraine, his laptop, and Joe Biden’s questionable behavior in Ukraine.

Biden was using his power as vice president under Obama to make money for his family at the expense of US national security.

Responding to the Times’ “correction,” the Post said it is too little too late. The Post also said the Times and other liberal journalists must be “sh*tting” them to think they can now come out and say oops.

It’s too late. They already lied and worked to censor the Post. Nobody should respect outlets like the Times ever again for that reason.

The Bottom Line

The mainstream media interfered in the 2020 election in order to help Joe Biden get into office. They also went against our national security in order to act out their partisan political beliefs.