New York City Will Require Proof of Vaccine for Indoor Restaurants, Gyms and More

New York City is one of the most liberal places in the world. Places like New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles are perfect examples of what will happen if the liberals continue to hold power: rampant homelessness and drug addiction, poverty, massive taxes, burdensome regulations, insane left-wing legislating and totalitarian crackdowns on liberty and freedom.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is perfectly suited to be in charge of such a liberal place: he’s a flaming hypocrite, a race hustler and an authoritarian. His latest move is shocking even some liberals as he puts in a vaccine mandate for the city.

Want to live in New York and go to a gym? You’d better have the shot.

What Does the New Vaccine Mandate Include?

New York’s new vaccine mandate will apply to many common situations that are indoors. In other words, if you want to eat indoors, work out indoors, go to a movie or play indoors or  partake in many other activities, you will need to present proof of vaccination status.

Vaccine status will be proven via a new app that New York is putting out and by showing your CDC card given to you, upon getting the vaccine. Get ready to hear “your papers, please” on a regular basis around New York, which has now taken the first steps to becoming a liberal version of Nazism.

Things can only get worse from here, and those in New York City who don’t agree with this ruling should take steps to leave. There is nothing more to do with blue state fascism except leave it to its own inevitable and horrible future of evil totalitarianism.

The rest of us who want the freedom to live our lives without insane leftist bureaucrats breathing down our neck will have to leave.

De Blasio Demands Masking

Mayor de Blasio has also demanded that New Yorkers wear masks even if they had the vaccine, although he didn’t put it into law. Around 60% of NYC residents have at least one shot, but clearly that’s not enough for de Blasio and his Democrat friends.

While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was busy writing a book about being a hero and sticking old folks with COVID in nursing homes, we’re supposed to believe he and de Blasio also wanted to save lives?

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad and if it wasn’t mass murder, but it is mass murder and these people are rotten to the core. They aren’t interested in protecting you or your family; they’re only interested in controlling you and gaining an iron grip over every aspect of your life.

Escape from New York

New York is an iconic American city and many of us have visited and marveled at the architecture and atmosphere. Sadly, however, liberal cities like New York are no longer places that a patriot can comfortably live and maintain their liberties.

It’s time escape from New York, LA, and Chicago. It’s time to leave these blue zones behind. They have nothing left to offer patriotic Americans, but lies and oppression.