New York Attorney General Drops the Hammer on Sleazy Gov Andrew Cuomo

Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is most well known for forcing nursing homes to accept people with COVID. The liberal media and his brother Chris Cuomo at CNN tried to hide it and praise him as some kind of hero.

However, the truth came out, and Americans, even many liberals, were absolutely disgusted. Then the sexual assault allegations started, and the excuses. They came out months ago, but Cuomo just made excuses and lied.

Well, now the excuses are over. New York Attorney General Letitia James has put out a conclusive report which shows one thing: Cuomo is a massive pervert and sexual harasser of women.

What Does the Report Conclude on Cuomo?

James’ report is very bad news for Cuomo. Independent investigators talked to almost 200 people extensively who surrounded the alleged incidents; they found that for the past seven years, Cuomo has frequently sexually harassed staff members.

It goes without saying that the price of working in the state government of New York should not be a dirty old man grabbing your private parts and trying to have sex with you against your will.

Yet, that’s apparently too much for Cuomo to grasp. Maybe he’s been taking his lessons from his friend and fellow Democrat and abuser Bill Clinton.

James called the report “a sad day” for the city saying that the investigators found that the accusations against Cuomo are true.

This includes those first made by his previous employee Lindsay Boylan who said Cuomo made sexual remarks to her frequently, tried to get her to do strip poker with him, and once pushed her up against a wall to kiss her when she didn’t want that.

Cuomo’s History of Being a Sex Pest

The accusations don’t stop at Boylan; around a dozen other women came forward to say Cuomo groped their breasts, tried to pressure them into sex, threatened their jobs if they didn’t sleep with him, and tried to get various women to cheat on their husbands.

Cuomo isn’t just sleazy, we almost need a new word to describe his level of sexual obsession and perversion. I wonder if that website Ashley Madison for spouses to cheat has any information on our favorite governor somewhere in the record dumps exposed years ago in that leak?

The finding of investigators is clear, and Cuomo should step down. Touching women without their consent is bad enough; threatening their jobs and future if they don’t do what you want sexually brings it to a whole other level of sickness and psychological abuse.

Cuomo comes from a party that claims to care about women, but somehow this party keeps producing men who not only don’t care about women but actively abuse them. Enough is enough. This fool needs to be removed from office.