New Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears Drops Truth Bomb on the Left

Winsome Sears is a US Marine Corps veteran, immigrant, and now the Lieutenant Governor-elect of Virginia. Growing up, Sears came to the US from Haiti at a young age with a family who worked hard for what they had.

She loved America deeply and went on to serve in the Armed Forces, rising up to become respected by all who served with her. This conservative black woman is an inspiration to all of us. She has said upfront that she’d die for America and she loves this country.

She is not one to apologize or be overly polite to the left. Sears has let them know on multiple occasions she can think for herself without following their zombie script. This recently led to a clash when she appeared for an interview on fake news CNN.

Sears vs. Bash

Sears went on the CNN show of Dana Bash, recently. Bash is a liberal CNN host who does her level best to impersonate a clothes mannequin on a regular basis. She huffed and puffed as Sears absolutely humiliated her.

Sears speaks from the heart and uses common sense conservatism to cut through the noise and lies of the left. Bash didn’t like that. For one thing, Sears called out the “equity” nonsense that’s taken over the left, saying in America, anyone who works hard can make it.

For her part, Sears said she is sick of the victim mentality and wants kids to know she’s not “special,” she just worked hard. Bash looked like she’d just swallowed an entire lemon and moved on to Biden’s new infrastructure spending bill.

Sears pointed out the many issues with it and how the fantasy is much better than the reality on that bill. Then, they got into the COVID vaccine…

Sears Calls Bash’s Bluff

When Bash decided to grandstand and put Sears on the spot, it blew up right in Bash’s robotic face. As Sears said, America is about “liberty.” Therefore, she won’t accept the idea we need to start allowing the government to poke around our business and order us around.

Even if it seems necessary or like a good idea at the start, this is exactly the kind of nonsense we fought a revolution over in 1776. America doesn’t want to live in a country full of insane rules and stupid tyrants. We want freedom.

That’s why Sears was so embarrassing to this woman because, as she said, pretending the vaccines are only a perfect solution is also unrealistic. Many people have experienced negative side effects. Although the liberal media might not like to talk about it, the negative side effects are very much real.

God bless this woman for telling the truth. Sears is more powerful than a legion of fake news robots. She should show up to as many more interviews as her schedule allows to put the truth in front of these unsmiling liberal propaganda pigs.