New Trump Scandal Exposes Truth About the Left

On Friday, we were hit by a new Trump “scandal” that may be considered the stupidest yet. Once again, this has to do with the coronavirus crisis and Trump’s supposed corruption.

It seems like the left is never going to stop living in the past and trying to get us focused on Trump, instead of the current walking human disaster in the Oval Office.

In any case, this time around, we’re hearing serious accusations against Trump and what he did during the pandemic.

According to this latest Democrat psyop, Trump is specifically responsible for the death of 269 Americans. Here’s why…

Democrats Accuse Trump of Criminal Conspiracy With Meat Industry

According to a report by the House subcommittee, Trump made bad decisions about keeping meat processing companies open during the pandemic.

This congressional report alleges the meat processing industry, with political support from the Trump administration, continued to work at top steam, as alarming numbers of COVID contamination grew among workers.

As this was happening, the report alleges Trump worked with meat companies to push out the message there was a meat shortage. This increased the pressure to keep the factories open, despite the known COVID risk.

They say that 269 workers died, as a result of getting COVID at meat processing and packing plants that were kept open by Trump and the meat industry’s lies.

Congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, as well as other Democratic lawmakers, are criticizing the Trump administration’s decision to keep the meat processing industry open during this time.

They say that his lies killed those workers. Is it true?

What’s the Truth?

Protein is essential for human life, so it’s true that people were worried about a potential meat shortage.

If Trump’s decision, at the time, were the other way around, to shut down one of the major food industries, thousands more people would likely have died. Also, there would have been an actual meat shortage.

Trump’s exaggeration along with the meat industry was done as a preemptive action to stop a meat shortage that otherwise would have occurred.

If he’d shut down the industry due to worrying about COVID, Democrats would still continue to criticize his choices.

In addition to the health crisis, we would also have faced a hunger crisis if Trump’s decision had been the other way around at the time.

What’s more is we saw how lockdowns and social distancing did not save lives. So who exactly can prove those 269 workers wouldn’t have caught COVID and died if they’d been kept home from work?

This scandal is typical leftist lies at work once again.

The Bottom Line

Why is this scandal being focused on right now?

Democrats are more concerned about the past, rather than the crisis the world is going through right now. This is shortsighted.

We are in the midst of a war in eastern Europe, tensions over abortion, and record-high inflation.

It is not surprising that certain dead issues are resurrected every time we get closer to elections. Get ready for more of these fake scandals, because Democrats know they are in deep trouble in the upcoming midterms.