New Western Show Starring Tim McGraw Gets Record Ratings with Conservative Message

Yellowstone is a great Western show starring Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes. It’s about a ranching family in Montana who are fighting off some very bad folks who want their land and cattle.

Now, a new show starring Tim McGraw called 1883 is out. It takes place before Yellowstone and follows McGraw and his wife and kids as they struggle to survive in a harsh pioneer world.

At this point, we’re only two episodes in and the show is already breaking records with its more traditional, family-based and pro-America message.

1883 Hits a Home Run

So far, 1883 has broken records for the biggest numbers of a Paramount show ever, with over 6.4 million people watching on the first night.

These are the highest overall ratings in over half a decade. Fans love this show about a man, his family, and the Western story of finding your strength in a dangerous new world.

Liberal critics aren’t as happy with the show, saying it oversimplifies history and paints white pioneers as the “good guys” in the settling of America’s West.

As usual, we’re seeing the same pattern unfold. America is giving a big thumbs up while our treasonous, race-obsessed liberal media is sniffing away in the corner, trying to spread hate and division.

The good news is numbers talk. Shows like this are so successful that Hollywood is beginning to finally realize not everyone is a progressive liberal who wants to see pink-haired women and drugs on TV.

Critics Slam the ‘Conservatism’ and ‘Family Values’ of the Show

The new show is basically about a historical American family during a rough time. It’s not “conservative” in the sense of GOP vs. Democrats.

It’s conservative in the sense that sticking together as a family and having core beliefs and loyalty is, by definition, conservative.

Critics don’t like that, but they will have to eat their words as more and more fans jump aboard the 1883 covered wagon.

The show is exposing something very crucial about Hollywood and the entertainment industry.

We watch movie after movie set in LA or New York about the kind of people who only exist in coastal elite bubbles.

These people don’t actually speak to most Americans; they are fringe, minority, and strange.

Most Americans like movies about the kinds of people they are. This is not a racial thing at all; it’s a cultural thing.

Hollywood’s attempts to gaslight people into believing it’s only “normal” to live in big cities on the coast, drink lattes, and do drugs has failed.

Real America has asserted itself and the comeback of shows like 1883 clearly shows that. We’ve all had enough of the anti-family, anti-America propaganda.

We’re ready for shows that display our history in a more positive (and realistic) way.

Regardless of what the critics say, the truth is the vast majority of our ancestors and pioneers who settled this nation were brave, honorable people who did not victimize or “oppress” anyone.