New Poll is Devastating News for VP Kamala Harris

Joe Biden is the worst president in American history, but the story doesn’t stop there; his vice president, Kamala Harris, is also an awful dumpster fire of a human being and politician. That’s not a fringe opinion, either.

With her presidential ambition and desire to seem smart and competent, Harris is completely full of herself and projects a fake surface to everyone around her. Is there even a real woman under that stuffed suit?

In any case, Harris’ presidential ambitions are in big trouble. A new poll out from the Los Angeles Times newspaper has very bad news for this awful vice president.

What Does the LA Times Poll Say?

The new poll from the LA Times shows Harris only has a 42 percent favorability score and 52 percent unfavorability. She’s actually even more unpopular than Joe Biden himself and less popular than Mike Pence was at this point.

Harris is also 38 percent lower than Al Gore when he was vice president and 51 percent lower than Dick Cheney at this point in his term as vice president under George W. Bush.

Remember how the media and much of America hated Cheney? Even he was far more popular than this witch! It’s incredible just how unpopular Kamala Harris really is, and it really can’t be exaggerated just how much Americans dislike her.

Why is Harris So Unpopular?

If we want to know why Harris is so unpopular, there’s going to need to be a long list. First of all, there’s the fact she never should have been vice president. Her polls were so low running for president that she wasn’t anywhere close to a serious 2020 presidential candidate.

Then, there’s the fact Harris was obviously chosen for her color and gender, which is extremely insulting to both minorities and women. Also, there’s her awful performance on the job, bungling the border and torching diplomatic relations with Mexico and Guatemala.

Harris is on the hook for completely hiding and dodging responsibility for Afghanistan, giving awful interviews where she shows she doesn’t care about America, and consistently backing the worst ideas and policies available.

Then, there’s her personality itself: arrogant, awkward, psychotic, and annoying as hell. People have noticed, and they don’t like it.

The Bottom Line

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris belong together. Biden is a fake president and she’s a fake vice president. They are both simply puppets of globalist goons who want to usher in their Great Reset.

Both of these individuals have zero leadership skills and zero credibility in any way. Kamala Harris deserves this poll from the LA Times, and there’s no doubt it will probably get even worse for her in the future.

The truth is the American people are waking up.