New Photos Reveal Close Relationship Between the Clintons and Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell

It’s no secret that pedophile millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his perverted sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell were friends with some important people. 

They had big money and big connections in the US and foreign governments, and the two sex trafficked young women to use for their own pleasure and provide to powerful individuals around the world. 

Maxwell’s ongoing criminal trial is revealing the extent of her dirty deeds as she worked with the sex trafficking eugenicist Epstein.

Two of their closest powerful allies were President Bill Clinton and his feminist wife Hillary Clinton. That’s already well known, as is the fact that Clinton took numerous trips to Epstein’s Little St. James pedophile island. 

Clinton denies all of this, of course, but eyewitness testimony places him at the island and he appears on flight logs of the private jet which took wealthy and powerful people there to enjoy underage girls. 

But new photos have now emerged showing just how close the Clintons were with Epstein and Maxwell, and they have people feeling sick to their stomach. 

Little Saint James Island by Navin75 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

A Not So Beautiful Friendship

The photos first published by the British newspaper the Sun show the smiling Clintons giving Epstein and Maxwell a VIP tour of the White House in 1993. It came after Epstein himself had given a large chunk of money to have the Oval Office renovated and improved. 

(I’m sure Clinton enjoyed the new interior decorating as Monica Lewinsky repeatedly sampled his cigar).

Photos show them touring the White House’s East Room and the presidential residence area. They show how friendly the Clintons were with these sex trafficking scum, and they also show that they were close with them earlier than people realized, already by 1993. 

Before these photos the oldest ones we have are from 2002 when Clinton is shown on Epstein’s jet with Maxwell and several young women who have accused Epstein of sexual crimes. 

The Maxwell Trial

Maxwell is in an ongoing trial for sex trafficking, while Epstein supposedly killed himself after he was imprisoned for rape last year. 

What exactly was the nature of her and Epstein’s relationship with the ultra-progressive Clintons?

One thing that’s very clear is that not only did it start earlier than many people may have thought, it’s also continued much longer than most people would imagine. Indeed, former President Clinton had a secluded and private dinner with Maxwell in 2014 after Epstein had already been convicted of child sex abuse. 

So it’s not like Clinton didn’t know the kind of crowd she was running in. His denials that he visited Little St. James also fall flat, and one of those who was abused by Epstein and Maxwell called Virginia Giuffre has sown under oath that Clinton was there at the same time as her. 

Believe it or not, though, it actually gets even more unsettling. A book from last year says that Clinton had a sexual affair with Maxwell. Although the evidence does not remain fully convincing, it’s clear that Clinton thinks highly of her and President Trump himself said “I wish her well” when asked about her trial. Trump was also a former friend of Epstein. 

Clinton had dinner with Maxwell at a vegan restaurant in LA in 2014, along with her Democratic donor boyfriend Steve Bing who killed himself in 2020. Sidenote: It’s fascinating how so many people who end up hearing too much around the Clintons suddenly develop suicidal depression and kill themselves, isn’t it?

In any case, Clinton still claims he “knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to in Florida some years ago,” but there are also photos of him getting a massage from an Epstein girl called Chauntae Davis (who was 22 at the time she massaged him) and he obviously knew what was happening with Epstein when he invited Maxwell to dinner in 2014. 

Maxwell’s been in a Brooklyn jail since being arrested last July. She’s charged with sex trafficking and we can only hope that she receives the justice she deserves. Justice that the Clintons will likely never receive. 

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