New Official Warning Issued for Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine

Another day, another warning about COVID vaccines. I wish I could tell you it was just some fringe theory about these experimental vaccines, but this warning actually comes from the CDC themselves. 

Johnson & Johnson is a giant pharmaceutical company that’s producing one of the vaccines to supposedly stop COVID. 

It’s not as effective as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, but it has certain advantages, especially that you only need to get one dose, not two. 

So far, 13 million Americans have taken J&J up on that and gotten the shot. Yet, now the CDC is out with a warning, and it’s a serious warning. 

CDC Warning: Rare Immune Reaction Observed from J&J Vaccine

The CDC is warning people that a number of people have experienced serious and rare immune reactions after the J&J shot. 

The response, which is called Guillain-Barré syndrome, can lead to extreme muscle collapse and even paralysis. According to the CDC this is only a “small possible risk.”;The questions is obvious: define “small.”

So far, the CDC says it has received 100 reports of people who got GBS from the vaccine; so out of 13 million people, that’s a very low amount.

However we know that many vaccine negative effects aren’t reported. 

We also know that these vaccines are basically brand new and experimental. They were rushed through the approval process and there is simply no way to know their long-term effects – good or bad. 

How Much Danger is There?

According to the CDC, most of the reported GBS side effects showed up in men over 50 and happened around two weeks after getting the shot. 

The main symptoms are feeling strong tingling in your fingers, toes and arms. If it gets worse, GBS can paralyze and kill you. 

That is why it must be taken highly seriously. If you get GBS you have approximately a 7% chance of death. 

How Many Died?

Of the 100 cases of GBS from the J&J shot, only one has died on record. That’s pretty low. However, like I said, we just don’t know how many unreported and serious problems have also taken place. 

The FDA warned in the past about blood clots from J&J and now this. Added onto the fact that we just don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccine, I’m having trouble seeing how reliable information can be established. 

Liberals and establishment folks claim to “believe in science.” Well here’s the thing: the science at this point is saying something very simple and very clear: we just don’t know enough. 

Yes, evidence points to these vaccines helping against COVID, but they also were only tested for a year and keep popping up with new side effects.

You have the legal and personal right to get a COVID shot of your choice, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.