New Major Revelation in Jeffrey Epstein Case

Jeffrey Epstein supposedly killed himself two years ago in a maximum-security prison. This close friend of the Clintons, Bill Gates, and other globalists had finally been put behind bars for his years of abuse and trafficking against young women. Then, he mysteriously managed to kill himself, according to the mainstream media and US government.

Epstein Jail Has Major Red Flags

The jail where Epstein was staying and supposedly killed himself is called the Metropolitan Correctional Center. However, it’s in terrible shape, reportedly has poor security standards, and is now being shut down by the state of New York. According to the Department of Justice, the jail will be closed down possibly forever, in order to deal with the “issues” that have come up.

The problems in the prison are very significant: wide-scale water damage and broken plumbing that’s making the building slowly start to erode from the inside; human feces coming through the drains and bathroom sinks, and cockroaches and rats all over the place.

The Metropolitan Correctional Center has over 220 prisoners right now; they will mainly be relocated to another large jail in Brooklyn where Ghislaine Maxwell is now detained and awaiting trial.

Epstein’s Death Looks Even Shadier

As if there weren’t already enough weird issues surrounding Epstein’s death, this raises more of them. The Metropolitan Correctional Center had years of complaints about its building, but it’s also had big security breaches.

A year ago, someone managed to sneak a handgun into the jail; there have also been many prohibited weapons and contraband found in the jail brought in by guards and others.

Could a hit squad have managed to get into the Metropolitan Correctional Center and take Epstein out? I think we all know the answer to that question is yes. There was certainly enough motivation for him to be taken out, considering he had dirt on everyone from Bill Clinton to the Saudi and British royal families.

Why Did Epstein Die?

We are supposed to believe that Epstein died because the two guards keeping watch over him got distracted and started gaming on their phones and napping. That may be the case, or it may not be the case, but either way, the new revelations and closure of this prison say a lot about the likely facts.

The elite in this country were very linked to Epstein and he had dirt on the rich and famous in many ways. Why would he kill himself when he had every opportunity to expose those who he’d filmed and set up with underage girls for years?

Instead, he would use that compromising material to get free and start a new life somewhere else with all the piles of money he’d managed to accumulate.