New Hampshire School District Worker Quits with Epic Takedown of CRT

If you’ve got kids or grandkids and you’ve been reading the news, then you’ve heard of critical race theory (CRT). 

It’s basically a lunatic leftist ideology born out of communist academic theories.

It teaches that all authority is oppressive and that Wwhite people are racist and evil because they represent “whiteness.” 

This insane and racist theory is now being pushed by our federal government. 

CRT in Our Schools? Hell No!

When hearing about what CRT is and how racist and stupid it is, you’d imagine that it’s a fringe idea.

It sounds like something schizophrenic guys would yell about in inner city bus stops; or something that woke Marxists would ramble on about in their fair trade cafes. 

If only it were so…

Unfortunately, America’s top General Mark Milley recently defended its worth. President Biden supports it and our schools are pushing CRT on kids!

However, not everyone is willing to lay down and take it. New Hampshire elementary school coordinator Daniel Concannon recently made quite a stir when he quit with an epic letter to his school.

In his letter, Concannon lets the school district know that their teaching of CRT to he and other employees showed a “hatred of white people” and was racist garbage. 

What’s in Concannon’s Resignation Letter?

In his resignation letter, Concannon says that CRT is not acceptable to him and it shouldn’t be to anyone else. He notes that one person teaching staff training had a chart celebrating the declining white population in the US on the wall. 

The ideology, as Concannon notes, is driven by hate. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

He ends his letter with a nice sign off, telling Manchester School District Superintendent John Goldhardt “F— you.”

Concannon says that he’s gotten tons of positive responses to his letter, which ended with hundreds of fake pronouns, as well after his name to make fun of the woke gender crowd. 

The Start of a Cascade

The truth is that Concannon is just the tip of the iceberg. Even decent law-abiding folks can only be pushed so far and psychologically abused to a certain extent before they say enough. 

Well-intentioned and patriotic citizens will put up with some strange folks and their ideas for the sake of civility up to a certain point, but when you start pushing it on our kids and in our schools, the line has been crossed. 

This is not about politics, Democrats, Republicans or even, ultimately, about race. 

This is about common human decency and allegiance to the United States. If you want to teach foreign ideologies dividing us up, confusing and traumatizing kids, then go do it elsewhere. 

It’s not welcome in America. 

There are millions of other Daniel Concannons out there who are going to start rising up and quitting if this insanity continues.