New Details Emerge About Atlanta Massage Parlor Shooting Suspect

Porn Store Window 1 by phrenologist is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Atlanta Asian massage parlor shooter Aaron Long had a history of porn and sex addiction according to his former halfway house roommate.

Long was very religious according to those who knew him and grew up with a dad who was a pastor. However he apparently suffered from a drug addiction and an ongoing addiction to porn and massage parlors.

In a since-deleted video from his church he talks about his relation to the Biblical story of the prodigal son, saying it made him realize there was always a chance at redemption and repentance from a sinful life.

He must have missed the part in the Bible where it says not to murder innocent people.

Long has been charged for eight murders in connection to yesterday’s brutal massacres at three Atlanta area spas.

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Details Emerge of Mental Issues, Drugs, Sex Addiction

According to Long’s old roommate, the 21-year-old Long would go to massage parlors and become “very emotionally distraught” because of engaging in behavior he considered sinful.

While the two of them were in a halfway drug rehab house, the roommate says that Long “would describe several of his sexual addiction ‘relapses’ as he called them. He would have a deep feeling of remorse and shame and say he needed to return to prayer and to return to God.”

This was echoed by authorities who commented in the aftermath of the shootings on possible motivations and background of the suspect.

In a press conference, authorities said Long claims to have a “sex addiction” and they believe he might have planned to keep going to Florida and shoot more places associated with sex work and pornography if he hadn’t been caught.

Long’s family has made no comment, but were involved in helping police catch their deranged son.

The Bottom Line

While the mainstream media has been trying to paint Long as a racist, anti-Asian white supremacist, so far there is no evidence of that. What there is evidence of is a disturbed young loser who eventually expressed his self-guilt and problems in the form of gunning down defenseless people in massage parlors, many of whom may also have been the victims of human trafficking and sex trafficking.

The evidence so far paints the picture of a young man who visited massage parlors frequently, was addicted to drugs, and felt terrible about it. The fact that he apparently decided to take that out on the locations themselves because of his own inability or unwillingness to control his own behavior and desires is horrific, illogical and sad.

There is a national crisis behind the COVID pandemic and the current economic situation. It’s specifically a crisis of young men, which is part of why speakers like psychologist Jordan B. Peterson have become so popular.

Many young men are broken, sitting alone in their room masturbating to pornography and unable or unwilling to form relationships with women. Drug abuse is on the rise, as are depression, suicide and many other negative symptoms of a society in crisis.

Long should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but in order to prevent future horrors like this massacre it’s important to start rebuilding the American family and values. It’s vital that young men be given firmer discipline and structure to look up to and told to take responsibility for themselves instead of always blaming someone else. Poor trafficked sex slaves from Asia are not to blame for a disturbed young man who has sex and drug issues, but now they paid with their lives for his problem.