New Ad Predicts the Future if Biden Wins Reelection

The GOP is currently split between Trump and DeSantis. DeSantis recently refused to say whether he’s even running while on a tour in Japan, but either way, a rivalry definitely exists.

Nonetheless, one thing all conservatives and Republicans can agree on is that a second term of Joe Biden would be disastrous for the country.

For that reason, the Republican National Committee put out an AI-made video predicting the future if Joe Biden somehow gets reelected.

An Unimaginable Disaster

The AI-generated GOP ad shows Taiwan being invaded by Communist China under Biden’s watch and an economic collapse and closure of many American businesses.

It also shows a human wave of illegal immigrants “overrunning” Border Patrol and entering the United States.

The ad even shows San Francisco crumbling into chaos. It reveals martial law having to be imposed as the fentanyl and drug crisis spins out of control and criminal mobs take over the city.

Are these scenarios really so out of the realm of possibility?

Coming Off the Tracks

The end of the ad cuts to Biden in the White House, as the narrator says it feels like the train is coming off the tracks.

That’s certainly a feeling we all know all too well after two years of this disastrous old man in the White House.

It’s worth remembering that Biden’s official announcement of his 2024 run came only a few days ago. In his announcement ad, he cites “fundamental freedoms” and says that “MAGA extremists” must be stopped.

For anybody still unsure what this means, “fundamental freedoms” to the Democrats mean unlimited abortion, drag shows in elementary schools, trans operations for kids, and letting criminals walk free.

As for “MAGA extremists,” that means anyone who loves America, loves the Constitution, and wants the country to actually succeed and prosper.

The Bottom Line

It may look exaggerated, but this AI-generated video is actually possible if Biden manages to get another term in the Oval Office.