Nancy Pelosi Makes Surprise Visit Overseas

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a surprise visit to Kyiv on May 1.

Pelosi went to Ukraine at the same time that Biden is requesting an additional $33 billion to support Ukraine’s war efforts.

Pelosi promised America would continue to “strongly support” Ukraine’s efforts against Russia.

Ukraine and Russia have been fighting since February 24 when Russian leader Vladimir Putin gave the surprise order to invade the eastern European nation in the early hours of the morning.

Thousands of Ukrainian civilians have been murdered, as well as an unknown number of Ukrainian fighters and over 20,000 Russian troops.

Zelensky Expresses Thanks

Zelensky tweeted out a message, thanking Pelosi for standing up for Ukraine and its “territorial integrity.”

Video of Pelosi’s visit shows Zelensky alongside armed guards, as he received Pelosi and a congressional delegation at the entrance to the presidency’s office in Kyiv. Video also shows the Ukrainian officials in a meeting with the Americans.

After Ukraine, Pelosi and her crew are headed to Warsaw, Poland, where they will meet with more officials.

The visit comes a week after the trip to Kyiv by US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

It’s certainly clear Biden considers Ukraine a priority for our country’s focus at this time. Biden’s own weakness of leadership and mixed messages to Russia are part of why Putin decided to invade, as many analysts now agree.

When you show the world you are a joke government as Biden has, bad individuals take advantage of that.

What Does This All Mean?

It’s clear Pelosi was sent by Biden to help get him money and rally support on the home front. This visit also has the purpose of making Ukraine feel reassured and supported during its dark hours.

Though with all the problems we currently have going on in the United States, maybe we should be focusing on that.

Furthermore, Russia has made it clear that US or foreign nations fighting with Ukraine will be considered a declaration of war. By heavily arming Ukraine, the Biden administration is going down a similar path as that which led to World War One.

When you send huge amounts of weapons and military equipment to a country, eventually you become directly involved in their fight and want to recoup your investment if the war starts going badly for them.

Pelosi said the US will stick with Ukraine until the fight is over and won’t shy away from supporting Kyiv.

The Bottom Line

There is no clear end in sight for this awful war.

It’s good that Biden has taken a firm position on the war, but the truth is unless we want a world war, we should think about staying further away from the war in Ukraine.