Nancy Pelosi Grilled About Attack On Her Husband as Bodycam Footage Set To Be Released

In October of last year, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s elderly husband, Paul, called police, saying he was being attacked.

A man with a hammer named David DePape allegedly brutalized the former Speaker’s husband and he was rushed to the hospital.

Yet, there are still many questions about what happened, questions which came up in a recent interview between Nancy and CNN reporter Chris Wallace.

What Did Nancy Say?

The bodycam footage from the police response to Paul’s call is set to be released any day now, following a judge’s order.

Speaking in the interview, Nancy struggled to maintain her composure when asked about the assault. She said her husband has had a very tough time recovering from the hammer attack.

Asking about the “vicious” attack, Wallace inquired how Paul is doing. Pelosi said she’s “very sad” and even though he’s doing remarkably well for an 82-year-old man who was attacked with a hammer, she feels worried about him.

Pelosi said she’s also feeling guilty, since DePape allegedly broke into their San Francisco home looking for herself, who was away in DC working at the time.

For this reason, she partly blames herself for what happened to her “dear husband” she says.

Many conservatives have cast doubt on what happened, claiming that Paul was in some kind of illicit liaison with DePape and the fight was staged in order to help the Democrats win more seats during the November 2022 midterms.

Staying ‘Prayerful’

Nancy said that Paul is undergoing a slow recovery and that she and the whole family are “prayerful.”

Despite her strong support of abortion rights and some attempts by the San Francisco diocese to bar her from taking communion, Nancy and her family identify as Catholics.

Nancy said that Paul’s hardest part of recovery is that his head was harmed in the attack and he has a lot of exhaustion and over-sensitivity to light and sound.

There will be at least four months until he feels fully like “himself,” Nancy said, adding that the “long haul” of Paul’s recovery is something the whole family is committed to.

As mentioned, many on the right have advanced conspiracy theories about what happened and say they don’t believe the attack actually happened or else believe it was staged.

They are hoping for bodycam footage to vindicate some of these conspiracies, while others are saying they believe that fake bodycam footage could be used.

The Bottom Line

DePape was a far-left activist and nudist. Despite the media’s best attempts to paint him as a MAGA extremist, the truth eventually emerged.

Let’s wait and see what emerges with the body cam footage. Hopefully, it will put some of these conspiracy theories to rest.

Best of recovery to Paul.