MSNBC Contributor Incites Violence Against Conservatives

MSNBC is a news organization that’s famous for its bias. The network is like CNN on steroids: it’s not just left-wing, it’s far, far left-wing.

Hosts like Rachel Maddow paint a picture of a nation that doesn’t exist in which they are heroes standing up to horrific fascists.

In order to keep their delusion going, MSNBC has a list of contributors that looks like the rolls of Mao Zedong’s communist party. One of them is far-left academic professor Jason Johnson, who has been coming on and saying completely insane things.

What Did Johnson Say This Time?

Johnson raised eyebrows a few days ago when he said most people consider Florida nothing but gators and “crystal meth.”

This time around, he decided to double down even further on places liberals are angry at, claiming the Republican Party doesn’t actually exist and is just a disguise for a radical “terrorist” group.

Yes, he actually said that.

The context really shouldn’t matter, but just for the record, he was talking about the release of the security camera footage from the riots on January 6, 2021.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is giving these records to Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Johnson said this kind of “terrible” action is just proof that the GOP isn’t a real party, but is just a think mask for a radical “terrorist organization.”

Here’s the Thing

Johnson has already said things like this a few times. MSNBC knows exactly what he thinks and that’s why they had him on.

The network heads of MSNBC want to stir the pot and incite violence and civil war because they are cynical and anti-American individuals.

Johnson claims that January 6 was an “insurrection” and since Tucker Carlson is on the conservative side, giving him footage from it is proof of the radical grassroots of the conservative movement and the establishment veneer working hand-in-hand.

He called the move to give Tucker the footage “dangerous,” saying he now will know the location of security footage and be able to pass it on to dangerous people and individuals.

Here’s the thing:

Tucker Carlson isn’t just entertaining or edgy; he’s dropped more truth in the past few years than people like Johnson have ever heard in their whole lives.

Tucker exposes Americans to points of view that actually matter. Even if you disagree with him on some things (such as my disagreement with his generally pro-Russian view), there is no doubt that he’s far from a “terrorist supporter” as Johnson claims.

Johnson’s Paranoia

Johnson thinks Tucker could give the footage to “anybody else,” including somebody very “incompetent” like Jesse Watters.

This guy Johnson is just trying to pick a fight with anybody at this point and see what sticks, it seems. He also claimed there are “terrorists” in the GOP wing of Congress.

While it’s true that far more people watch Tucker than will ever care about anything he says, this is not the way to get famous.