If Most Israelis Have Four Vaccines, Why Does the Country Have Record High COVID Levels?

One of the most vaccinated countries in the world is Israel. It’s also now number one in the world for cases of COVID per capita.

In other words, despite its small population, Israel has a huge amount of people with COVID.

Considering most citizens have four shots, it’s unclear why COVID is spreading so rapidly. It’s also unclear why so many people are getting very ill and even having to go to hospitals.

At this point, 0.6% of the population is testing positive every day for COVID. This is an extremely high rate, especially for a country that’s taken some of the strictest precautions in the world.

What is going on?

Israel vs. COVID

Israel was one of the first countries that shut its borders during the COVID outbreak. It started giving people Pfizer shots like the world was ending.

Israel was also the first to push the booster shot and second booster shot aggressively on its people.

Those considered higher risk or older were warned by every possible media channel and government office to get vaccinated and pushed to do it. Vaccination stations were set up everywhere.

Kids above five got vaccinated. They now are being considered as the first in the world to get booster shots as kids. When omicron came along, Israel sprang into action to try to limit its spread.

Yet, the results are in, and they’re terrible. The country has even stopped counting now. The official health ministry’s website crashed due to so many people recording new cases.

Why is This Happening?

There are several theories about why this is happening in Israel.

There needs to be some look at why 50,000 people a day are testing positive for COVID in a country that’s done everything possible to stop it.

One of the theories is omicron isn’t stopped by the vaccines; so this surge is mainly due to the new variant.

That still leaves the issue of why the virus mutated around a new vaccine that was supposed to stop the spread of the virus altogether if enough people rolled up their sleeves.

Well, Israel had a record number of people roll up their sleeves, but the virus still mutated and spread in dangerous forms.

In any case, the second explanation is Israel does more testing than other countries. Therefore, its high positive rate is more a function of heavy testing than of actually being sicker than most less vaccinated countries.

This is definitely worth considering, but if it’s true, it brings up another big issue with this whole pandemic: officials using high case numbers to scare everyone to death when the case numbers were just places that tested in higher numbers.

The Bottom Line

More and more Israelis are getting seriously ill with COVID and 68 died just last week. This is a very sad result for a country which trusted the vaccines.