More Insanity from Fauci: Booster Shots Required Forever

Dr. Tony Fauci is the face of medical tyranny in America. He’s the horrible liar who just won’t go away. He’s on the mainstream news; his rules come out through official government announcements and he’s got the ear of our senile Commander-in-Chief.

To go through a list of Fauci’s lies would take an epic novel. He’s lied about masks, the origin of COVID, the efficacy of vaccines, lockdowns, kids’ safety in school: all of it.

Fauci says anyone who opposes him is “anti-science.” He would have been at home in Stalin’s Russia. Now he’s back with even more incredibly stupid and disturbing statements, saying that booster shots may be required for the COVID vaccine “indefinitely.”

In other words, forever.

Booster Shots Forever?

Speaking to CIA mouthpiece Anderson Cooper on CNN, Fauci said that people need to be “humble” and realize there’s lots we still don’t know about COVID.

He said that there is a possibility we will have to keep getting booster shots every year in the same way as people get a flu shot.

The vaccine was first presented as a way to stop COVID and stop from spreading COVID; that now turns out to be completely 100% untrue.

Fauci talked for months about herd immunity and how enough people getting the vaccine would shut down the need to keep worrying about it. Total lie.

It was then said that at least the COVID shot makes the effects of the illness less deadly and severe; that now appears to be partly true, however if the virus will never go away and you need boosters constantly, what’s the point?

Also, what about regular flu: is it now just…gone? Did it get up and leave the scene once COVID arrived? I am confused.

Booster Shots Make Immunity Go ‘Way Up’

Fauci claims booster shots make immunity go “way up” and he hopes that a third booster would be enough to seal the deal.

However, he can’t guarantee that and people might need the shots every year. Why would you believe a chronic liar when he makes more promises? That sounds like Stockholm Syndrome to me, where people fall in love with their abuser.

We’ve already seen that the vaccine itself is far from effective; the delta variant is tearing through it like a hot knife through butter.

A recent outbreak in Cape Cod over the Independence Day weekend saw 346 out of 469 COVID cases happen in those who were fully vaccinated. 

A stunning 79% of these sick folks who were vaccinated did have symptoms and were very ill. So just get more of the vaccine that barely works and then eventually it will kick in?

How about we kick Fauci out of his damn job instead?

Fully Vaxxed, Dead of COVID

People have certainly died of COVID who got the vaccine as well, not to mention all the horrific deaths and injuries from the vaccine.

One sad example is Patricio Elizondo of San Antonio, Texas.Enough of Fauci’s lies! Real people’s lives are at stake.