More Disgusting Corruption with Hunter Biden and His Artwork

Taking drugs and hiring hookers isn’t the only thing Hunter Biden likes to do. He also likes to pick up a paintbrush and make some art.

To be fair, some of his paintings are nice enough. They look like the sort of thing a person might do if they didn’t really know how to paint and just wanted to have some fun with a brush and canvas.

However, because of his name and connections, Hunter’s low-value art is selling for huge money. One of his recent paintings worth an estimated $1,000, according to the Washington Post, just sold for $750,000.

Then, of course, there was the revelation that Hunter’s art dealer, Georges Berges, has connections to communist China. It gets worse, and this latest news should make any honest person nauseous.

Rank Corruption

The news that’s coming out now is exactly what we’ve come to expect from the Biden regime and those connected to it: stupid, blatant, disgusting corruption.

The Berges gallery is located in Soho, Manhattan and it has no problem taking government handouts. It got a loan during COVID for “disaster assistance” for $150,000 in 2020. I guess they were having a hard time selling paintings while people were trying to figure out how to survive a pandemic.

The Berges gallery’s representation of Hunter was already going on at the time; however, it was not raising that much interest until Joe Biden got elected president on January 20, 2021.

A few months later, by the summer of this year, the Berges gallery got another $350,000 from the Small Business Administration. I guess they were just still having such a hard time selling grossly overpriced artwork.

Or maybe, just maybe, they were getting a present for showing and selling the president’s son’s average artwork.

Jackpot in July

The good news for the Berges gallery came in July of this year, as it prepared to show off even more of Hunter’s artwork and raise his profile even more in the public.

The $350,000 payout wasn’t the only funny business going on, since the gallery also got $40,000 in April of last year and $40,000 in February of this year as “paycheck protection.”

Well, I’m glad people working to sell distorted communist-linked artwork in a fancy Manhattan gallery won’t lose their job; that’s surely a relief!

You’ll be even more relieved to know just how many employees of the Berges gallery were saved by this timely money: two!…because it has two employees.

That’s a lot of jobs saved; thank God they aren’t out on the street, having to sell one of their Monet paintings or move to an apartment that costs less than $20,000 a month.

Berges Responds

In his response, Berges said he did nothing wrong. However, he wouldn’t say if the Biden family stepped in to get him a sweeter deal in some way. At this point, there’s no proof that Hunter or Joe made sure Berges got more cash this past July.

What we can say is other galleries did not get boosts nearly this big and it’s pretty clear that something is probably going on. Imagine federal money being used to help promote the work of the president’s son. This is banana republic silliness and brazen corruption.