Monkeypox Outbreak Emergency Alert

As we approach only a few months from the midterm elections, a new virus named monkeypox is spreading around the world.

Just prior to getting aboard a plane for Japan, Biden expressed concern about this smallpox variant, saying everyone should be careful to avoid contamination.

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Medical authorities still don’t know everything about the African-origin virus, which is now spreading in Europe and popping up in Canada and the United States.

Biden said investigations have already begun on the cases, but because it is a cryptic disease, unfortunately, it is difficult to know how to control it.

How Bad is the Outbreak?

Currently, although the numbers seem insignificant, the concern is focused on the way of suspected cases.

As of today, there are 80 confirmed cases and another 50 suspected cases around the world. The countries with suspected cases are Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy, the United States, Sweden, and Canada.

The most worrisome factor is in these countries, people suspected of having contracted the monkeypox virus claim not to have gone to Africa where it originated. This brings up the obvious question of how they got it.

This week France, Germany, Belgium, and Australia also showed positive cases of the disease.

In the United States, only two cases have been confirmed to date. Both are men, one in Massachusetts and one in New York City.

Virologist Oyewale Tomari, who is on the board of the World Health Organization, said even though he still has no record of death from the disease, he is very frightened by the increase in cases spreading around the world every day now.

How Does Monkeypox Spread?

Tomari also said that the way the virus is spreading is very different from what it saw in West Africa, and he thinks it’s a new virus.

Another person worried about this outbreak is the director of the African Center of Excellence for Infectious Disease Genomics, Christian Happi.

For Happi, the way the disease has been spreading in Europe is frightening and unknown.

According to the WHO, one out of ten people infected with monkeypox die, giving it a mortality rate of approximately 10%. It spreads by direct contact with infected people or by exchange of bodily fluids.

It thus is harder to spread than airborne viruses like COVID. The first symptoms appear around 15 days after contact with the virus.

The main symptoms are fever, headache, shortness of breath, body pain, and the appearance of skin lesions, similar to large blisters, including around the genitals.

The Bottom Line

Evidence exists that globalists were talking about this monkeypox outbreak exactly a year ago. They even “war gamed” it as something which would happen at this time of 2022. Now, it’s happening.

Coincidence, or a new COVID scenario to lock the world down and swing the upcoming midterms to the Democrats?