Mob of BLM Extremists Attack Police and Local Businesses

On the evening of Wednesday, April 19, a group of BLM terrorists took to the streets of Akron, Ohio and attacked police officers. Their reason for doing this was because a jury refused to convict eight cops involved in the death of a young black man named Jayland Walker.

In June of last year, after refusing to stop in an Akron police blitz, Walker sped away from police and started shooting at them before being killed. Investigation revealed that Walker had taken over 40 rounds to his body in the firefight.

BLM Goes Berserk

With the announcement from Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost that the officers involved in Walker’s pursuit will not face any criminal charges, BLM went berserk.

According to Yost, the fact that Walker began shooting at police during the chase exempts police from any punishment because they were only acting in self-defense. After the AG’s comments, BLM thugs showed up and began throwing rocks and bottles at police.

One of the BLM protesters, totally enraged, began yelling and challenging the officers to do to him what they did to Walker.

To contain and put a stop to the BLM madness, police tossed smoke grenades and fired pepper spray at the rioters, who went on to loot local businesses as well.

How Does Hurting Local Businesses Fight Racism?

Many downtown restaurants had their properties damaged in this BLM rampage in Akron.

Market Street was covered in shards of glass and the rioters threw stones everywhere. Chipotle, Irie Jamaican Kitchen, and Wally Waffle are some of the damaged establishments.

On Exchange Street, the Evans building also had one of the windows blown out.

The police were able to contain and prevent further damage that the BLM group was committed to doing throughout the city, but the chance of real charges against these rioting extremists is tiny.

The Bottom Line

BLM is out of control and hurting black people especially. They are a Marxist organization that is being given a free pass by the Biden-Harris regime.

This is all part of the regime’s anarcho-tyranny ideology of letting the far left do what it wants, while chasing down anyone right of center for even saying the wrong thing.