Minneapolis Wants More Police

Minneapolis, Minnesota was ground zero for the BLM and Antifa protests which burned down America last summer. Anger over the death of George Floyd led to massive protests that sometimes turned violent and increasingly radical policy proposals.

One of those policy demands from activists was to “defund” and even “abolish” the police. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was booed down by a crowd of BLM supporters after saying he understood their concerns but defunding the police wasn’t realistic.

Frey was right.

Now Minneapolis has had to walk back its defunding measures and ask for more police. A major spike in crime, violent assaults and carjackings has rocked the city and it needs more cops to keep things in line.

Minneapolis Police by taberandrew is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Minneapolis: Cops Needed

The Minneapolis city council has stopped talking about how bad and racist police are suddenly. After months of rising violence and chaos in the city they’ve had to face the facts that most police follow the rules and actually do protect people.

They’re now boosting police spending by $6.4 million to fill up the police department, which has also seen a number of officers leave due to low morale and budget cuts as well as constant demonization and danger.

Every member of the city council voted yes to the additional money, considering that the police force has dipped to dangerously low levels.

Minneapolis Police Department Blues

The Minneapolis police have explained to the city council that their situation is very precarious. They started the year with just over 800 policemen working for them, down 60 from 2019, and of those approximately 800 only around 640 were on active duty working with others retiring or on leave from work of some kind.

With the additional funding, the police department hopes to boost its ranks back up. In addition to getting dozens of more officers out there, the city could do with a real morale boost. Maybe a positive comment about how America’s officers help keep the streets safe from Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar would be nice?

Don’t hold your breath on that. The left’s demonization of law enforcement is a key part of their radical progressive platform and rhetoric and they don’t seem to care that it puts innocent police officers in direct danger every day.

What’s Next?

Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo are dealing with a city in disorder. This additional funding for a few dozen officers won’t get the city anywhere near the levels it needs to actually make the streets safe and improve things.

The city council is just handing out a token funding boost so they can then point to how it didn’t work anyway and it’s not worth it. With their reputation like dirt after over a year of character assassination on the American mainstream media and among political figures in Minnesota and across the country, the police in Minneapolis are in the awful position of trying to do their jobs without enough money – and without public support.

There are all sorts of proposals going around the city council to boost social services and change the way policing is done, so this isn’t really a full reversal. It’s more like giving a starving man a small bit of a cracker. This isn’t going to turn things around, but it will give the city council some plausible deniability to claim they “tried” to work with police and cooperate on making the city a safer place to live and work.

At the end of the day this is just a publicity stunt and a mockery of what the police in Minneapolis really need: serious and sustained funding and a public relations campaign funded by the city to explain that they are not the enemy.

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