Minneapolis Humiliates Far Left and BLM with Surprising New Decision

Minneapolis became a ground zero for the woke left to try and push its ideas after the death of George Floyd last year. The city erupted into violence from thugs who burned down minority-owned businesses and rampaged through the streets.

They were cheered on by the liberal media that said these people were heroes fighting racism. What they actually were are psychopaths who hate our nation and its laws.

Indeed, one of the top ideas the left wanted to push was the crazy idea to “defund” or even replace the police in various areas of the city. Well, on Tuesday night, they got a big slap in the face.

Minneapolis Rejects the Radical Left

On Tuesday night, Minneapolis shot down the idea of abolishing the police department and replacing it with social workers and other safety personnel. A full 57% said ‘no, thank you’ to this insane idea.

Although, the high amount who apparently thought it makes sense should definitely also cause us some concern. Many cities want to “defund” and slash police departments that are already on a skeleton crew, thanks to COVID vaccine mandates.

Minneapolis wanted to go a step further, actually get rid of the cops, and put in a “public safety” department instead. The new measure also would have basically put social workers and woke security guards in charge of the city, while letting the far left mayor pick who he wants to lead the safety department.

Yes, seriously. Thankfully, this measure was soundly defeated.

Here’s the Thing About Minneapolis

Minneapolis might be a Democrat stronghold, but as this result shows, it’s not completely braindead. Despite Congresswoman Ilhan Omar hoping the police would be gone, the actual people who live in the city gave her a hard no.

That’s because carjackings, murders, and other crimes have already skyrocketed in the past year since the police budget has been cut. People don’t want to get stabbed to death on the way to work just so they can say they’re woke on the issue of criminal justice reform.

Eventually, reality pokes its head in and says to Omar: sit down and shut up, idiot.

The Cowardice of the Democrat Party

Minnesota is led by a Democrat called Tim Walz and represented in the US Senate by Amy Klobuchar. Both of them agreed scrapping police wasn’t a smart idea.

However, they mainly kept their opinions to themselves, hoping to scoop up the votes of the far left crazies by acting like it wasn’t a big deal.

Well, it is a big deal; accommodating the far left leads to chaos and death. There’s no way to depend on elected officials who are too afraid to stand up to the mob.

Thank God this anti-cop provision was voted down, but next time, it should have less than 1% in support.