Midterm Races Get Nasty as the Big Day Approaches

Races for the midterm elections are heating up across the country; in some cases, they’re getting downright nasty.

Attacks are getting personal and escalating as the clashes continue, especially in battleground states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada.

As Adam Smith taught, when there’s less supply the demand goes up, and competition increases. There aren’t a lot of seats available and both parties want them badly. The result is some pretty intense clashes.

Senate Races Reach Fever Pitch

In particular, various Senate races are reaching a fever pitch in Nevada, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Harsh criticism and attacks are creeping up everywhere and negative campaigning is the norm.

This past weekend, in particular, controversy popped up during a rally for Nevada Republican candidate Adam Laxalt.

While rallying on Laxalt’s behalf, Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville said the Democrats are “pro-crime” and want racial reparations in order to spread even more crime in American communities.

According to Tuberville, this will be a way for Democrats to break down society even further and gain tighter control of it.

Crime has become a real focus of the campaign in Nevada. His comments were called racist for implying that the people who “do crime” are the same as those who would receive reparations (black Americans).

Latina Democrat Claims Laxalt is an Insurrectionist

Recently, the Club for Growth Super PAC invested millions in an advertising campaign that slams the image of Nevada Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto.

Masto, who’s been in the US Senate since 2017 representing Nevada, is accused by the right-leaning PAC of being soft on crime.

For her part, Masto added more fuel to the fire when she hit back by saying the man running for her seat, Laxalt, was an insurrectionist who took part in the January 6, 2021 riots on Capitol Hill.

Masto also said Laxalt is nothing but a spoiled rich boy who’s coasting on his wealthy dad’s money and beat up a cop in his teens. This stuff is getting very nasty. Sometimes, it’s almost like watching a middle school fight.

Getting Petty in Pennsylvania

Meanwhile, the Senate race between Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Republican physician Mehmet Oz is also getting quite ugly.

Fetterman accused Oz of being a fake doctor, like Dr. Nick on the cartoon show the Simpsons. Oz mocked Fetterman as lazy and says he should start doing yoga.

In other races like Wisconsin, it’s also getting pretty personal, with Democrat Mandela Barnes accused of being a soft-on-crime failure.

Barnes, in turn, has accused Republican rival Ron Johnson of being a member of the Trump cult and helping stir up the January 6 riots.

Look for more of this kind of petty back-and-forth heading into the midterms. It’s only likely to get worse as the rivalries heat up.