Mexico is a National Security Threat to the United States

The Biden regime hasn’t been doing nearly enough to protect our borders. In the past six months alone, Border Patrol has stopped around 200,000 illegal immigrants per month trying to cross the southern border with Mexico.

The numbers keep going up. Biden keeps doing nothing and talking a big game.

Whereas as the crisis worsens, something even more dangerous is going on inside Mexico: the cartels are literally taking large areas of Mexico, including its economy and infrastructure.

The worst part? They’re being partly funded and empowered through the profitability of trafficking people over Biden’s Swiss cheese border.

Cartel Takeover

The crisis on the US-Mexico border is much worse than the liberal media likes to admit. It’s also a human tragedy, not just a numerical crisis.

If you watch the way people try to immigrate illegally to the US, I’m sure you’ll come across dramatic and very tragic scenes, including drownings, rapes, and murders.

You’ll see endless queues along the border of people waiting to claim asylum, people starving, and people having their life savings seized by greedy cartel bosses who demand payment for years once the immigrants reach the US and begin working.

Mexico is about two million square kilometers in size. It has a population of around 109 million. Mexico is in the midst of a war between different gangs commanded by drug traffickers and large and powerful cartels.

Clashes are most intense near the border where cartels want to own control of the flow of migrants, sex slaves, and drugs like fentanyl, which come in and kill thousands of Americans a month.

Understanding Mexico’s Crime Crisis

The major drug cartels operating in Mexico are Beltrán Leyva, Loz Zetas, Juarez, La Familia, Tijuana, Golfo, and Sinaloa.

Rival groups are in constant conflict over territorial occupation, a fact that provoked a series of murders in the country, including people who have no involvement with the cartels.

To get an idea of the proportion of Mexican violence, the nation has already surpassed Colombia in kidnappings and murders done by drug traffickers. That’s just the ones on record.

Drug traffickers terrorize cities, promoting attacks on bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and random streets. In some regions, it is possible to see medieval scenes of beheadings, crucifixion, and disemboweled corpses strewn along the road.

It is common to find decapitated bodies in the streets, dead people with signs of torture, corpses tied to lampposts, and more.

This is Mexico in 2022. Cartels not only wage violence, but they also run large sections of the agricultural economy and other areas of the nation.

Part of their power comes from Joe Biden and his flip-flopping on the border and refusal to help governors like Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis secure our border federally.

The Bottom Line

Cartels already control areas of Mexico, its agriculture, and other sectors. The last thing we need is for them to control America as well.