Mexican Town on Texas Border Has Weekend Cartel Bloodbath

Democrats love to tell people about how we shouldn’t worry so much about the border. 

They claimed that former President Trump was a racist and a lunatic for trying to do the most basic and logical thing any leader could do: secure the borders of his country. 


Mexico is a very dangerous country. 

Anybody who tells you different is either a liar, a fool or both. There is no room for opening up our borders and letting in millions of illegals without vetting; continuing to do so will lead to the end of this nation. 

The latest example of why comes from the border city of Reynosa in Mexico, just across the line from McAllen, Texas; here, a weekend cartel bloodbath took 15 innocent lives. 

A Weekend of Mass Murder in Mexico

Reynosa lies just over the stateline from Texas in the horribly dangerous Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

Reynosa is one of the crucial areas where cartels traffic drugs and people over the border; areas like this often erupt into violence, as these horrible murderers try to edge each other out for border territory. 

According to reports, cartel thugs drove through the streets and simply began spraying bullets wherever they could through areas in the east of the city. They killed taxi drivers, nurses, and first responders, as well as any people unlucky to be where they were at the time. 

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that 15 of the victims were innocent civilians, while four suspected cartel gunmen were also killed. 

Residents are furious as their city has been bathed in blood. In Mexico, it is close to impossible to legally own a gun as a civilian; therefore, people are sitting ducks for dangerous criminals with high-powered weapons. 

What’s the Motive for the Attack?

Police say they do not know why the attack occurred; however, these areas are often a point of contention between rival gangs. 

Cartel members are “animals” as former President Trump said; Mexico is overrun with their influence, including through infiltration of the police forces and government. 

This is not a safe country to just allow people in who could be members of the cartel or working for them in some way. 

Another thing to consider is that migrants are often trafficked by coyotes and people linked to cartels; therefore, the money they pay them literally buys weapons and expands the empires of these heartless killers. 

America needs to get smart about its immigration policy and fast. 

There’s a reason people from Mexico want to get into Texas and America instead of places like Reynosa, and can you really blame them? 

Their country is overrun by psychopaths. 

None of us should blame migrants looking for a better life and they deserve compassion and understanding. However, America can’t solve the problems of the world; at this point, we need to take a cold, hard, sober look at what’s happening South of the border and say: not in America.