Meet the Woman Who Got Very Rich Stealing COVID Relief Money

Part of the reason we’re experiencing so much inflation right now is the government handed out billions in free money under COVID.

Regular Americans didn’t get much of it, except for a check. Though businesses and people who knew their way around grant giveaways had their lucky day.

This is especially true with services like the Paycheck Protection Program. One Oklahoma woman gamed the system so much she actually stole $32 million from the federal government.

How Did She Do It?

Amanda Gloria is a 45-year-old woman from Altus, Oklahoma, about a two-hour drive southwest of Oklahoma City.

Gloria brazenly snaked millions of dollars from the federal government through its payroll security programs. She said she needed the money to pay workers funds they’d missed out on from lost hours during the pandemic.

She also allegedly helped an individual from New York and other folks with faking paperwork to get their hands on similar funding.

Gloria was very serious about her scam, but she didn’t really put any effort into hiding it well. She simply made completely fake claims for huge amounts of money and then eventually got busted in June of last year.

Specifically, she’s now charged with conspiring to commit bank fraud and laundering funds. Her lawyers didn’t even bother with a defense because the evidence against her is so extensive and obvious.

Gloria already pleaded guilty.

A Dedicated Scammer

Gloria did some serious work on her scam, even if she wasn’t very smart about it.

She filled out mountains of fake paperwork, claiming she had employees losing money and helped many other people do the same.

The company she actually owned was for truckers, and she claimed they lost out on around half a million bucks, due to the pandemic slowdown. It turned out the company wasn’t even operating anymore and already closed in 2017.

Asking for money for a business that no longer existed was one way Gloria tested out her scheme. She netted some nifty cash, but her real profits came from helping others.

Investigators uncovered massive amounts of commissions she’d collected as a payoff by helping other businesses around the country falsify their applications for PPP assistance on behalf of employees.

Many of these businesses turned out to also be already closed and asking for money for employees who no longer worked for them.

These scammers may have been dedicated, but they certainly don’t appear to have been very smart!

$100 Billion Down the Drain

The Department of Justice says it doesn’t know how many pandemic funds have been taken illegally, but estimates it’s around a minimum of $100 billion.

Most of that was taken by people much smarter than Gloria, and it will never be coming back.