Maverick Senator Joe Manchin Has a Solution to America’s Energy Crisis

Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia got the nation’s attention a lot over the past year.

He became public enemy number one for the Democrats after opposing Joe Biden’s globalist Build Back Better spending spree.

He also became a surprise ally of conservatives on holding back spending, along with Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema.

Though Manchin is now making headlines for something else entirely. Showing leadership during the Ukraine war, he’s now also facing America’s skyrocketing energy prices head-on, and he says he has a solution.

Will it work?

Manchin’s Solution

According to Joe Biden and the White House, Americans should accept the massive rise in energy prices and gas as part of being “patriotic” and pushing back against Vladimir Putin and Russia.

Understandably, none of us are very convinced by that statement, particularly since President Trump had America energy independent and shut down Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline into Europe.

Nord Stream has been pumping Moscow full of cash to continue their war, thanks to Biden formerly restarting it.

Though Manchin says he has an idea to bring gas prices down and stop the inflation avalanche that’s coming if we continue on this path.

His idea is simple: he wants to focus on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and, in particular, on completion of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

MVP is a massive 303-mile pipeline that carries LNG from West Virginia to the south of Virginia and helps supply energy needs at home and abroad.

The project is currently stalled, but Manchin says if it could be finished, then we could get European allies off Russian oil and gas and help bring down our own prices, too.

Why is MVP Stalled?

MVP is stalled, due to environmentalists and government red tape.

It has been found the project would hurt endangered species and cause more damage than the government allows currently under its restrictive laws.

Still, America’s allies are in a war. Manchin says it’s time to fast-track this project so it can get moving to its capacity of moving two billion square feet of LNG per day.

That’s a lot of LNG and it would make a dent, as would similar projects that were thriving under Trump.

If MVP was greenlighted right now under the Defense Production Act (DPA) as Manchin wants, it could be ready to go in four months. Also, it would cause optimism in markets and possibly momentum to keep moving on other projects as well.

The left says Manchin is a Republican traitor disguised as a Democrat and this idea is just him selling out to donors and doing their bidding.

Biden Responds

Speaking through Jen Psaki, the Biden regime said they’re not going to put through DPA to get energy prices down. They say oil companies should already be working harder.

Considering Biden has only been handing out permits to land that has no oil, that’s a ridiculous statement.

Could Manchin’s idea work? It certainly seems more realistic than focusing on green energy right now.