Massive New Privacy Breach at Facebook

For most of us who use it, Facebook is just a place to share a few jokes, look at photos of family and friends and chat with those close to us.

But problems with privacy and censorship have followed the tech platform for years now, and it’s only getting worse. 

The scale of the privacy breach is incredible: half a billion accounts compromised, personal info leaked out, phone numbers and birthdays out on the world wide web being used by who knows who…

And Facebook’s response? Almost a week of absolutely nothing, followed by denying anything bad happened, ignoring questions from journalists and then making all sorts of excuses and half-truths.

dinero facebook by clasesdeperiodismo is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Cambridge Analytica 

Three years ago Facebook came under fire from the left for letting Cambridge Analytica mine user data and help politicians win elections. FB’s VP of Global Affairs Nick Clegg said the scandal “rocked Facebook right down to its foundations,” but it clearly wasn’t enough to take them out of the spying and data-mining game.

They got fined billions of dollars, but in the end they clearly don’t really care and have also allowed censorship of conservative news, taking down of posts they claim have “hate speech” and anything else they want. Indeed, a $5 billion fine from the Federal Trade Commission is literally chump change for Facebook, which raked in $86 billion in 2020 alone, up 70% from 2019. 

Facebook enjoys the benefits of being incorporated in the United States while having zero respect for the Constitution of the United States or the freedom of speech that this country has as one of its founding principles. 

This latest breach affects 533 million people and is a serious infringement on people’s online privacy and rights. We do not even know yet how the data may have been shared or what could have exactly happened. But Facebook is simply ignoring it, saying the data was old anyway and they already fixed the issues in August of 2019. 

If it had been “fixed” why was it just compromised? These people sound like they’re trying to compete for the most illogical lies with Dr. Tony Fauci or something.

Facebook Isn’t Being Held Accountable

When you shovel in $100 billion in profits a year you get leeway. Facebook knows it won’t be held accountable for problems with its platform and it simply doesn’t care. It doesn’t respond to journalist’s questions and it simply gives out little tidbits to reporters it handpicks who are willing to make it look good. 

Facebook is literally in the Fake News business and it is making no effort to reach out or be transparent because it has such big name recognition and media influence that it doesn’t really care if a few outlets talk about its latest scandal or oversight. 

According to Facebook this latest half billion hack was actually a “scrape” of data and it said the data hadn’t been private anyway so it didn’t plan to let users know. Considering that it has almost half the world’s population using it, it’s horrifying that Facebook has such little respect for its users and the public. 

As for attempts to hold them accountable, Facebook always find a way to get around it. While US Congress has tried to do a little bit, Facebook’s laughable Oversight Board and Nick Clegg don’t actually intend to do anything to clean up their act or get more serious about data security. 

Keep in mind that what you post on Facebook is not secure and could end up being shared with strangers or other people you don’t know. At the very least always ensure that your privacy settings are at the highest level and consider saving all your photos and deleting Facebook permanently and finding a better and more secure way to stay in touch with friends and family. 

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