Mask Burning in Idaho Makes Mainstream Media Go Berserk

Family Members Walking In Queens NYC w Covid Masks by informedImages is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Masks are an obsession for left-wing Democrats these days.

If you think about it they’re a powerful symbol: conformity, “science,” control and progressive power.

Forget about the fact that regular cloth masks aren’t even effective at stopping COVID and that if Dr. Fauci and his crew actually knew what they were doing this virus wouldn’t be getting on for over a year into a disastrous pandemic.

But it doesn’t really make a difference for the media, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Gavin Newsom and all the other lineup of progressive poobahs: they think if you say “science” and “trust the experts” enough times it just magically comes true.

Some normal people have had enough, and the media is losing its marbles at what happens next.

Video of a crowd of kids burning their masks in Idaho is currently setting the internet on fire.

Don’t they believe in science!?

Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

‘Biden Sucks’

During a #BurntheMask rally in Boise, Idaho a group of protesters including kids chucked their masks into a burning garbage can while being filmed.

“Destroy them!” several kids yell as they throw a bunch of surgical masks into the flaming dumpster. One mask with the words “Biden Sucks” written on it was thrown in, as adults watched approvingly, smiled and applauded.

One protester holds a poster reading:

“No masks, no mandates. Our face, our mind.”

The protesters weren’t saying nobody can wear masks, they were simply arguing for their Constitutional right not to wear them if they choose not to do so. As the Babylon Bee recently joked: “Progressive Surprised To Learn He Can Still Wear Mask Even Without Government Forcing Him To.”

Then again, logic has never been the strong suit for our friends on the left.

Another protester held up a Ben Franklin quote that said: “those who give up liberty to purchase safety deserve neither liberty or safety.”

If I didn’t know better I’d almost say these are American patriots upholding the founding principles of this nation and the words of Our Founding Fathers. That is dangerous stuff!

We wouldn’t want to encourage a revolution or anything like that. I once even heard a rumor that the United States began with a Revolution against an oppressive, high-taxing, arrogant, elite who wanted to milk the country dry and abuse its people. It was supposedly called the American Revolution – but I’m sure Common Core will be corrected to make sure we understand that we need to move forward into the Marxist future and keep wearing our masks even when we sleep.

Progressives like lunatic Eric Feigl-Ding sounded off on the mask burning saying “mask burning is the new book burning.”

It’s ironic because it’s actually the opposite: mask burning is the new cry of freedom and book burning and banning is the new platform and strategy of the left and its Big Tech buddies in Amazon and other places.

Sorry, Feigl-Ding.

Idaho Police Respond

The mask burning took place on the grounds of the Idaho state capitol in Boise, where open fires are not allowed. Police quickly responded and Idaho state troopers did show up to the mask burning.

They told the protesters to put out the fire and go away, notifying them that it is illegal to have a fire anywhere on the capitol grounds, however the folks in the video refused to do so and told cops to leave. There have been no reports of arrests.

According to Idaho authorities who said they are “reviewing” the incident, “an open flame was ignited in a barrel” and “those involved with the event were informed both before and during the event that open flames are not allowed on State Capitol grounds.”