Mark Zuckerberg’s Big and Insane Plans for Humanity’s Future

What is it with rich tech billionaires and being mentally deranged? Think about it: I’m talking about people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Mark Zuckerberg.

They all look like they got rejected for the role of a villain in a science fiction movie; yet, they’re out here influencing and controlling our economy, spreading their strange and scary ideas into our culture.

Zuckerberg, for one, recently switched the name of Facebook to “Meta.” He did this because he’s shifting the focus of his company to virtual reality and creating a “metaverse.”

This is where people wear virtual reality equipment and walk around in a pretend digital world. To most of us, it looks bizarre and pathetic, but Zuckerberg says soon, it will be our whole life.

Welcome to the Metaverse

According to Zuckerberg, the metaverse is now his number one priority and will one day be more important to all of us than our real lives. He believes eventually, we’ll all prefer to walk around in digital form than live in the physical world.

Appearing on a podcast recently, Zuckerberg said the metaverse will eventually have its own giant economy and worlds created by users that absorb all their time and attention.

Zuckerberg used the podcast to show how you can create a new character in the metaverse and then create an entirely new reality. Using just his voice, Zuckerberg instructed a digital AI assistant to build up the world and create a tropical island scene.

He said this will be a respectful place for “human rights” that will basically let people create their own worlds.

Is This the Brave New World That’s Coming?

Zuckerberg sounds like a crazy guy, but what he’s saying is already coming true. Many people spend more time on their computers than in real life; virtual reality is growing by the day.

Experts say by 2030, many of us may spend large amounts of our waking life in virtual reality.

Creating fake worlds in our minds sounds imaginative, but it’s a bizarre escape from life. Setting ourselves up as our own gods in digital dreamscapes is actually really insane.

However, with the rapid advance of technology, there’s no doubt that some people are going to tune in and drop out.

The Bottom Line

Tech billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg are visionaries. He may look like a robot and have a strange personality, but there’s a reason Zuckerberg is worth so much and is so famous.

He thinks big. People like him design the ideas that define our future reality and lives.

The question people need to be asking themselves now is whether they like the virtual reality dreams of people like Zuckerberg?

Because if you don’t, you’d better get busy defining alternatives and other ideas for our real-world or else, his will win the day.