March Job Numbers Are Out and There’s Some Great News – With One Big Catch

Happy Workers by Carol (vanhookc) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The jobs report is out for March and there’s very good news: the unemployment rate has gone down to 6% with 916,000 jobs added. 

There is one big catch, however. 

Despite this positive news it’s still far lower than pre-pandemic numbers and is only one step in trying to regain the ground that former President Trump gained with his economic policies. 

President Biden would love to take credit for this good job news and he certainly will, but the truth is that he can’t take credit for the determination and persistence of the American worker.

That credit goes all to the American people themselves, not stuffed suits in Washington who’ve done their best to keep everyone crawling on the ground under the bootheel of Master Anthony Fauci. 

In addition, the numbers themselves are not as extraordinary as some in the media would like you to believe. 

Last year the labor force lost more than 6 million workers, so regaining about one million is far from the end of all our troubles. 

Nonetheless, this is the best economic growth since the pandemic started, and the rise in vaccination rates is being praised as one of the biggest reasons for the positive economic numbers. 

Diverse people working at an office by Rawpixel Ltd is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Time to Cash a Reality Check

If you look at the cold hard reality, there are still 5 million Americans out of work since last year and the workforce as a whole is still in a major struggle. The rising vaccination rate has helped many areas including construction and hospitals, and 280,000 new jobs popped up in March in the leisure and hospitality industry.

Big gains were also seen in restaurants and pubs (+176,000), colleges and educational institutions (+190,000) professional services (66,000), manufacturing (53,000) and arts, entertainment and recreation (64,000).

These are all positive signs and we should never dismiss them even if they are under a job-killing senile president like Biden. Jobs are jobs. But there used to be a lot more of them and if we only look at the big number we can lose sight of the economic reality which is that the lockdown policies pushed by the progressive left have devastated this country. 

It’s important to be honest:

This is far from a complete economic comeback. If anything it shows the tenacity of the American people that they will not lie down and take it when the whole government is aligned against them and pretending to be concerned for their health while sabotaging their economic future. 

With President Trump these March numbers would have been double. 

We’re Still Way Down

Despite this promising jobs report from March, we all need to do our best to keep improving on these numbers and getting back to business.

We’re still way down in key sectors like manufacturing, for example, which was still up more than half a million more than its current amount a year ago. The pandemic has slowly crushed most manufacturing, and Biden’s so-called “American Rescue Plan” is not necessarily going to be the answer.

Unfortunately, as usual, it’s stuffed with Democratic dog crap including obsessions about green energy and transforming industries instead of actually giving people jobs or trying to give them opportunities in the here and now. 

We also have to keep in mind the danger of inflation now that the government is pumping money back into the economy and jobs are starting to come back. The Federal Reserve says not to worry and that interest rates will be adjusted if necessary, but at this point they say there’s no reason to raise them and the near future looks like smooth sailing.