Major Corruption Exposed on Dirty Democrat Maxine Waters

Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters is as crooked as a three-dollar bill. Not only is she a phony race hustler who incited violence last summer during the George Floyd trial, but it turns out Waters has also been funneling money to her daughter for years now.

This is even more ironic since Waters herself is the chair of the House Financial Services Committee. Her job is literally to manage money and be honest about money for our federal government.

Instead, she’s using her campaign to pad the pockets of family members. It’s disgusting swamp behavior, but it’s certainly not surprising.

What Did Waters Do This Time?

According to official documents obtained by Fox of Waters’ campaign, she shelled out $74,000 just last month alone. In the last two decades, Waters’ daughter, Karen, has made more than $1.1 million working for her mom’s campaign.

In the 2020 election period, Karen got more than $250,000 for helping out. I’m sure she earned every penny through hard work. Does that sound like a conflict of interest to anyone else, or is it just me?

Using your campaign funding to pay off your own family and get them rich is the definition of corruption. Because the swamp is the swamp, however, it’s not technically illegal.

Waters is extremely dishonest and corrupt, but she is not stupid. She’s a devious, race-hustling liberal extremist who knows exactly what she’s doing.

What Did Waters’ Daughter Do to ‘Earn’ the Huge Payouts?

According to the records, Karen helped her mom get re-elected by using a technique called slate-emailing. How this works is that it’s basically a way consultants build up a list of policies; they then try to influence voters in a large group through mailed-out forms.

Most campaigns no longer use this, because it doesn’t work that well. Although Waters did get reelected, you also have to keep in mind she represents the bluest of blue districts in California, so she’s basically a shoo-in.

That’s part of what makes these big payouts so concerning, as is the fact other people in the Waters family have also been feeding at the trough. Over $1 million has gone out from Waters’ campaign to other relatives as well in the last decade.

That’s a lot of money, and this whole thing stinks to high heaven.

This Should Be Illegal

What Waters has been doing should be illegal. President Trump was hot on the trail of these kinds of folks and cracking down on them. This is part of why the Democrat media machine rallied against him.

Draining the swamp leads to the swamp creatures getting angry, but it really needs to be done. Don’t let this story be buried. Share the news of Waters’ awful corruption far and wide. The American people deserve to know.