Lunatic Leftist Leo DiCaprio Gets Massively Humiliated by Brazil’s President

Leonardo DiCaprio is known as much for his climate change activism, as for his acting. The pampered Hollywood celebrity is deeply involved in many environmental causes.

Though a recent attempt to virtue signal about how he’s saving the planet went very badly for DiCaprio.

He ended up running face-first into the popular conservative President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro, who left Dicaprio hanging his head in humiliation and shame.

Here’s what happened…

Leo Gets Schooled

Recently, DiCaprio posted a tweet warning that the Amazon rainforest is one of the world’s most important ecosystems. He’s correct. The Amazon is extremely important and is often considered the “lungs of the world.”

Specifically, DiCaprio said the young people who live in Brazil can create a healthier future for the world. What he means is Brazilians should vote against Bolsonaro in the country’s upcoming election in October.

Bolsonaro is a popular right-wing leader in Brazil who has been unfairly criticized and blamed for environmental problems in the Amazon and elsewhere.

As for DiCaprio, he lives his sheltered life burning tons of fuel on trips in his private jet, where he goes to conferences and eats caviar while whining about how bad America is.

Perhaps, DiCaprio tweeted after inhaling too many fumes from his own private jet. Either way, he didn’t think this one through.

Bolsonaro Hits Back

After DiCaprio said that Brazil should give Bolsonaro the boot, the president tweeted back. He sarcastically thanked DiCaprio for his “support” and pointed out he’s trying to help the Amazon, instead of letting it be run by “corrupt crooks.”

These “crooks” Bolsonaro is referring to are former president Luรญs Inรกcio da Silva, better known as “Lula,” and his political party the PT (Party of Workers).

Lula was accused of corruption and money laundering and remained in prison for a few years when he formerly served as Brazil’s president.

He is a Marxist lunatic whose administration was full of foreign interests and wants to make Brazil become a socialist hellhole like Venezuela.

Lula will be Bolsonaro’s main opponent in the next elections.

Bolsonaro also went on to praise DiCaprio’s work in the “Revenant.” He then struck a final blow, noting the photo DiCaprio used of forest fires in the Amazon wasn’t even from under his presidency.

In fact, the disastrous photo that DiCaprio posted was from when the crook Lula was in charge. Oops.

An Old Fight

Remember that this feud between Bolsonaro and DiCaprio is not new.

In 2019, DiCaprio made a donation of $5 million for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. At the time, Bolsonaro accused him of using his money to actually make the Amazon worse.

DiCaprio was also one of Biden’s biggest supporters last year in pushing Biden not to make a trade deal with Brazil, due to its environmental problems in the Amazon.