Louisville Shooting Proves the Left is Wrong on the Second Amendment

Earlier this week, 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon entered a bank in downtown Louisville, Kentucky and started killing people. He was reportedly using an AR-style rifle and was live streaming his attack on Old National Bank via Instagram.

By the time cops arrived, Sturgeon had murdered four people. A fifth died in hospital. Sturgeon died at the scene either shot by cops or by suicide, as is not yet known.

However, the left is quickly working to bury this story for a simple reason: Sturgeon was a member of the far left who hated conservatives.

‘They Won’t Listen’

Sturgeon posted a lot on his social media about his hate of President Trump, conservatives, and those who don’t agree with the left.

Sturgeon’s LinkedIn profile showed his “pronouns” which is a trend started by transgender extremists to get woke people to “identify” with a gender and say how they want to be referred to.

Sturgeon had been a successful high school athlete, but had become severely concussed after too many injuries and gone on to a career in finance.

When finding out he was going to be fired, Sturgeon went on the rampage. What factors do we have here: brain damage, suicidal tendencies that Sturgeon had posted about, far-left beliefs, and anger at losing a job.

This doesn’t sound like a gun problem; it sounds like a human problem.

Narrative Glitch

Sturgeon wasn’t an angry white supremacist or some kind of conservative; he was as left as they come.

He even supported lockdowns! The guy was furious at Trump, calling him a “racist” and is in exactly the segment of society most likely to support curbing 2A rights.

This guy isn’t the poster boy the left wants for saying gun ownership is bad, because he contradicts all their narratives.


The Bottom Line

Mental illness and the rise of the far left are putting all of us in danger. The media won’t warn you about the truth of what’s happening, which is where updates like this become so crucial.

Let’s be honest: America has a horrific mental health crisis and far-left cultural Marxism is making it a hundred times worse.