Louisville Mayoral Candidate Responds to BLM’s Attempted Murder of Him

On February 14, most of us were celebrating Valentine’s Day. However, BLM activist and black supremacist Quintez Brown was planning a murder.

The Louisville, Kentucky native walked into the office of Democrat candidate for mayor Craig Greenberg and tried to shoot him to death. Miraculously, Brown failed.

Greenberg’s staff managed to push him out of the office and barricade the door until police arrived.

Brown was arrested and taken to jail where he faces attempted murder charges. Yet, only several days later, he was released on $100,000 bail paid for by BLM.

He’s now walking the streets once again awaiting trial. Don’t worry, Brown is getting the “mental health” help that he needs. As for Greenberg, the Jewish Democrat is now responding to Monday’s horrific events.

Brown Was Barely Stopped in Time

Greenberg was only grazed by one bullet on his shirt. He would have been dead if staff hadn’t managed to keep Brown out, since the crazed shooter still had several magazines left in his weapon.

Brown is actually a high profile attempted murderer. He was on MSNBC with fellow black supremacist Joy Reid where he argued for gun control.

He was also a leading opinion writer at Louisville’s Courier-Journal newspaper where he sounded off about his hate of America and conservatives on a regular basis.

Brown, 21, was also awarded a “rising star” recognition by the Obama Foundation in 2019. He met the former POTUS and was made into a community violence reduction spokesperson for the leftist organization.

It looks like that didn’t work out too well for Brown or Obama.

Greenberg Speaks Out

Greenberg spoke out about the situation, including Brown being released on $100,000 bail, saying it’s “impossible to believe.” As he noted, Brown was put behind bars on Monday for trying to kill someone and then he was just let out on Wednesday.

As Greenberg said further, if Brown is mentally ill as BLM is implying, then he should get mental health treatment in the corrections system. He shouldn’t be out whining to a therapist two days after trying to gun down an innocent person.

Greenberg said Brown being let out has re-traumatized he and his family and they are truly struggling to understand how this could be allowed to happen.

Reality Check

Greenberg deserves some compassion here. He narrowly survived a shooting less than a week ago, but he also needs to take a look at the party that he’s a member of.

The Democrats literally amplified BLM’s message while it burned down our cities and shot people in 2020. They’ve worked relentlessly to lower bail for violent criminals and lessen penalties for inner city gun crime.

Greenberg should leave the Democrats as soon as possible.

Watch his comments below: