Liberals Want to Force California-Style Gun Laws on the Nation

Shooting Range by rzarector is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

It’s true that many liberals are well-meaning. Some have happy families, strong communities and positive beliefs about helping others and making the world a better place.

The problem isn’t just that this leads to getting convinced about all sorts of horrible ideas like legalizing drugs, promoting abortion, judging people by their race, childhood transgenderism and more.

The core problem is the complete abandonment of rational thought.

The left often puts their emotions over logic, demanding policy changes and rules that make them feel nice or seem “fair” even when the exact opposite is the case in reality.

There is no better example of this than firearms and the progressive obsession with gun control.

the gun store by erik jaeger is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

They Want Your Guns

One of the strangest things about the progressive worldview is how it claims to be about believing science, following reason and not being superstitious or religious but it ends up being far more illogical and bizarre than anything you could imagine.

When it comes to guns this includes liberal politicians who do everything they can to take guns away from responsible, law-abiding owners but simultaneously cry crocodile tears to forgive criminals and get them out of jail early for gun offences. That’s exactly what’s happening now with a new bill in California.

On abortion it is a similar insanity where progressives support a woman’s “right to choose” to murder an unborn child but then oppose the death penalty. In other words they support killing a baby who never hurt anyone and is innocent, but oppose the death penalty for convicted criminals who’ve done crimes most of us could barely even imagine.

Progressives are living in upside-down world. It’s that simple.

And one of their favorite upside-down home bases is California, where the progressives are working to create a totally anti-2A system that rewards crimes done with guns but punishes those who lawfully own guns.

It’s enough to drive you crazy just looking at the insanity.

California’s New Wacko Laws

The California state government is currently considering Bill 1509 which makes all crimes done with a firearm much less serious and have less jail time.

This extremely stupid bill comes from state Democrat Alex Lee and was co-authored by four other California Democrats including Scott Wiener.

Wiener is a truly creepy progressive. He is well known for introducing the bill SB 145 trying to ensure that gay pedophiles don’t get placed on the sex offender registry. Wiener also backed a bill to legalize psychedelic drugs statewide: just what California needs during a pandemic and national economic crisis, people going even more off their rockers on weird demonic drugs.

Wiener also loves gun control and has spoken at numerous anti-gun rallies, commenting in the past that “California has enacted strict gun laws that can lead the way to a national conversation. We need action. #GunReformNow.”

Wiener has even pushed for gun confiscations, ending gun shows, mandated buyback of “assault” weapons and more. The other authors of the bill are also strongly anti-gun. The point is obvious: they want normal Californians to turn in their guns and shell out more money every direction they turn in return for exercising a Constitutional right, but they are fine with letting gangsters who shoot people out of prison.

Wiener and his crowd belong in high positions in Pol Pot’s genocidal regime in Cambodia or some wacked out Weimar Republic dystopia, not in the United States of America. Their ideas are the evil and failed ideas of the past: stripping people of the right to self defense and dignity is not moral and it is not even remotely acceptable.