Liberals Baffled as COVID Cases Rises in the Most Highly Vaccinated State

The Biden regime has been focused on the COVID vaccine every day since he got in office. There’s no way to exaggerate just how obsessive they’ve been.

They’ve been reminding people every day to get vaccinated against COVID. Meanwhile, they’re also completely covering up and ignoring horrible side effects and problems with the lack of effectiveness of the vaccines.

Now, new statistics are coming out that are horrible news for the left. The reason these numbers hurt the left is they completely contradict the idea that more vaccinated people will result in a lower COVID rate.

That’s because the most vaccinated state in the union has the highest COVID rate of all.

Welcome to Vermont

The most vaccinated state in the USA is Vermont: a heavily-blue state where 71.5% of all residents have been fully vaccinated. They are only slightly ahead of Rhode Island by about half a percent.

Despite having some libertarians and conservatives, especially in rural areas, Vermont is about as blue as it gets in America. The vast majority of people there support Biden, Bernie Sanders, and the Green New Deal.

They believe in the official story on COVID and line up to get their vaccines like good boys and girls. The problem is it’s not working, not at all.

Vermont is currently experiencing a massive surge in COVID cases. It is adding about 2,100 cases per week at this point. In fact, in just the past week, COVID has gone up 42% in the state.

One reason leftists pointed to is Vermont tests a lot; therefore, it’s probably just that more people are being tested, so more COVID is showing up, right?

Wrong! Testing only increased slightly during this period. It’s not that many more tests are being done, it’s that many more fully vaccinated people have serious cases of COVID. Oops.

Blame the Delta Variant

According to public health officials, the increase in Vermont is all due to the Delta variant, which is hitting the unvaccinated especially hard. This would be convincing if it were true. However, the delta variant is affecting the vaccinated as much as or more than the unvaccinated.

When your health authorities begin brazenly lying to you on an ongoing basis, it tends to lead to skepticism and confusion. It also tends to make the unvaccinated choose to remain unvaccinated.

Why are vaccinated Vermonters catching so much COVID and getting so sick from it? If we had real scientists in charge of our pandemic response and this virus, they would be addressing the facts instead of lying to our faces and saying embarrassing nonsense to the American people on a daily basis.

The Soviet Union would be ashamed of the level of stupid propaganda we’re currently experiencing.