Liberals Accuse Elon Musk of Being Anti-Jewish

Tesla chief and SpaceX founder Elon Musk is in the news a lot these days. Most of the time it’s for Twitter because the left can’t stand that a free speech platform now exists outside their control.

Most recently, Musk took part in an interview with CNBC’s David Faber, where he was accused of being anti-Semitic for calling out billionaire globalist schemer George Soros.

Musk And His ‘Conspiracies’?

Faber accused Musk of tweeting out random conspiracies, to which Musk pointed out that many supposed conspiracies have ended up being true.

For example, the Hunter Biden laptop coverup was called a conspiracy for years with the help of places like CNBC, but ended up being true.

Musk’s recent tweet about Soros trying to “erode” American civilization was brought up, to which Musk defended himself. According to Musk, Soros “hates humanity” and is comparable to the fictional villain Magneto.

Faber didn’t like this and asked what about if advertisers pull off Twitter or potential Tesla customers stop getting his vehicles because of his strong opinions.

Musk said he’ll say whatever he wants even if it loses him money. He also scoffed at the idea he’s anti-Semitic, noting that he’s well-known for being pro-Jewish if anything.

The Leftist Obsession

The leftist obsession with protecting Soros is quite bizarre. They also constantly say that criticism of Soros is anti-Semitic. Who hired Soros as the representative of Jewish people?

The man is not pro-Israel and has been consistently weak on Jewish identity issues. The left automatically saying that Soros represents Jewishness or can’t be criticized due to being Jewish is very odd.

It seems to show that they feel being Jewish means all the bad things that Soros is: underhanded, malicious, treasonous, devious, full of lies, and so on.

Is that what the left believes Jewish people are?

The Bottom Line

Soros is not a friend of America. Calling out his globalist plan is not anti-Semitic or racist in the slightest way.