Liberal Rocker Neil Young Gets Wrecked After Threatening Joe Rogan

Neil Young is a liberal rock star who thinks he’s the king of the world. Even though the average age of most of his listeners is in their 70s, Young is a legend in his own mind.

Recently, he decided to take on podcast host Joe Rogan. The reason is simple: Rogan has expressed points of view about COVID and vaccines that Young doesn’t agree with.

For this reason, Young made a direct ultimatum to Spotify, which carries Rogan’s podcasts: get his material off your platform or pull my music. Spotify considered Young’s request and then did the only logical thing.

Spotify Pulls Neil Young’s Music Off the Platform

Young, who’s known for “Heart of Gold”, “Rockin’ in the Free World”, and “Harvest Moon,” wrote a letter to his manager and said he wants to be off Spotify.

According to Young, he’s not comfortable sharing a platform with a COVID-19 denier like Rogan who spreads “misinformation” about the virus and vaccines.

As a strong supporter of the vaccine and a believer in the mainstream narrative about COVID, Young is the ultimate example of someone who is very out of touch with the real world.

His request to Spotify to choose between him and Rogan led to the obvious outcome. Young’s music was pulled off the platform, with Spotify announcing they welcome him back someday in the future if he changes his mind.

It turns out music companies don’t care as much about his old music as Young thought they did. Also, it turns out his attempt to threaten the world’s most popular podcast host didn’t go how he expected.

Hey now, bye-bye.

Here’s the Kicker…

Spotify is far from just some random platform. A full 60% of streamed music of Neil Young goes through the platform. He just lost half his streaming base by canceling himself.

It seems like the left has gotten so good at canceling that they’ve started going after themselves, a development the rest of us can only welcome with open arms.

Technically, Young’s label could deny his request since he doesn’t have full rights to his own songs, but generally, they do what the talent wants.

As Young sips on his San Francisco cabernet and curses COVID “misinformation,” perhaps he’ll enjoy knowing that nobody really cares.

Rogan 1, Young 0

Neil Young tried to step up to Joe Rogan and he got wrecked. Even Young’s biggest fans have to admit this was pretty humiliating.

The guy tried to force the world’s main streaming service to censor Joe Rogan for providing different viewpoints on COVID, but he ended up just axing his own music.

This story is both sad and quite funny. Neil Young should go stick with the liberal dinosaurs and their shrines to Dr. Fauci. The rest of us are out here living in the real world.