Liberal Netflix Employees Throwing a Hissy Fit Over Dave Chapelle’s Comedy Show

Netflix is mostly filled with left-wing content, but now and then, it has some good programs on it. At the end of the day, what you watch is your business, and there’s no denying Netflix has a very successful business model.

If you want proof, just look at their stock chart over the past decade. It practically spikes straight up to the sky. However, Netflix is currently in a spot of trouble, and not from conservatives who are upset about its woke programming.

It’s actually in trouble from the left and transgender activists, who say comedian Dave Chapelle’s latest comedy episode “the Closer” is offensive to trans people.

Here’s What Happened

Netflix actually had to let several employees go because of their hostile behavior, but at this point, it’s in a holding pattern. What’s happening is transgender employees and supporters at the company are angry at CEO Ted Sarandos for letting Chapelle’s show go to air.

The episode by Chapelle includes his usual brand of rebellious humor. Personally, I didn’t find it very funny, but some people do and that’s their business. The parts that were funny, in my view, were especially where he mocked politically correct subjects such as sensitivity to LGBT and racial issues.

By showing how obsessed the left is with word policing, Chapelle makes a great point about how pathetic so many people are in 2021. His jokes about trans people going overboard in their attacks on Harry Potter author JK Rowling (as well as him saying you can’t change gender), however, have upset pro-trans people at Netflix and they are furious.

For that reason, they’re planning to protest and not work on Oct. 20. At this point, the work boycott will reportedly include 1,000 Netflix workers, so Sarandos has a bit of a problem on his hands.

My personal suggestion is that these 1,000 Netflix workers stop work…permanently. What do you think?

Netflix Responds

Netflix responded to the angry employees by telling them to do their job. For once, a company is standing up to the leftist mob and ordering them to shut their mouths, as they should.

As I mentioned, Netflix has even had to let a couple of people go. One employee was dismissed for giving out private monetary information on Chapelle’s payout for the Netflix special.

Did this employee really think playing the victim meant he could break the rules of his own employer? Good riddance to this kind of trash. Nobody wants employees like that working for them.

Netflix is right to stand behind its content. It’s not demanding anyone watch this content or give it a thumbs up. It’s simply presenting a platform for what some people find funny.

Don’t like it? Don’t watch.