Liberal MSNBC Host Crosses the Line into Inciting Violence

MSNBC is a liberal news network that works to push the agenda of the far left. President Trump mockingly called them MSNDNC to refer to the network’s loyalty to the Democrat Party.

Yet, it goes deeper than that. MSNBC is actively engaged in inciting violence against conservatives and trying to start a civil war.

The latest example comes from host Tiffany Cross, who recently crossed the line in a big way that shocked even fellow leftists.

‘Pick Up a Weapon’

Cross has a show on MSNBC, which is called the Cross Connection. She goes on there to whine about conservatives and make up all sorts of lies that the GOP is interfering with elections and so forth.

Most recently, Cross turned heads when she claimed Republicans are a direct threat to democracy. She also claimed those who support democracy need to “pick up a weapon” and join the “war” against Trump and the right.

Yes, she actually said it. Cross claimed for the “safety” of America and its future, democracy supporters need to get very tough and understand they’re in a war.

How is this not an incitement to violence? If a Republican or conservative did this, he or she would be shown out of the studio, banned from Twitter and social media, and harped on about for weeks on every major cable show.

Trump was banned from Twitter just for speaking his mind. When will Cross be banned from Twitter?

The Dangerous Double Standard

Of course, Cross won’t face consequences for what she said. Obviously, she will claim this was a metaphor or just a figure of speech.

However, the truth is it sounded very specific and weirdly fantasized about violence. People have a right to feel uncomfortable about this kind of crazy language being used by journalists on their TVs.

Why is a famous American journalist telling people to grab their weapons and stand up to conservatives? Why is she calling conservatives racist and then saying the only way to stop them is to fight a “war”?

This sounds a hell of a lot like racial incitement and trying to get people to commit violence against a political group. Inciting in these ways is actually not just a firing offense; it’s a criminal offense.

The Bottom Line

The far left has become deeply radicalized in the United States. They are running much of our airwaves and trying to put the fix in so their Democrat Party can crush what’s left of the American spirit.

Cross isn’t just one random news anchor saying an extreme opinion. She’s the voice of millions of leftists who are full of hate and lies. She’s not sorry and she’s going to continue to spread this kind of hate.

The least that patriots can do is counteract it with a message of unity and American greatness.