Liberal MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Shows His Ignorance on Kyle Rittenhouse Case

Chris Hayes has a show on the liberal cable news network MSNBC. President Trump’s nickname for this network is MSNDNC, because all they do is repeat Democrat talking points.

Hayes is a fairly smart guy; he’s also a self-righteous liberal who twists the facts and likes to try to make the left sound smarter than it is. His recent comments about the Kyle Rittenhouse case are a perfect example.

Rittenhouse is on trial for killing two people and wounding a third last summer during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It’s now become fully clear from evidence that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense.

However, the left wants him found guilty of murder.

What Did Hayes Say?

On his show, Hayes admitted everything he’s seen from the Rittenhouse case points to a verdict of innocence.

No matter what you think of BLM, Antifa, or the riots and protests last year, nobody who’s honestly looking at the facts can believe Rittenhouse will be found guilty.

At least Hayes is more honest than most liberals by admitting facts still matter. However, it’s what he said next that exposes his ignorance of Rittenhouse and what happened last summer.

Hayes said even though Rittenhouse will probably get an acquittal, his case brings up “what kind” of a country we want to live in. Hayes warned against it becoming normal or common to “settle” arguments on the street with guns.

He said the “pro-gun” segment of our population is trying to push for a society where you’re allowed to shoot someone when you feel threatened. Yes, he actually said that. Here’s the segment.

Here’s What Hayes Doesn’t Get

The very obvious and simple thing Hayes doesn’t seem to get (or is pretending not to understand in order to spread propaganda) is last summer’s unrest wasn’t “peaceful.”

Kyle Rittenhouse was being chased by violent rioters (including a child molester who’d just gotten out of a mental hospital) called Joseph Rosenbaum and a domestic abuser called Anthony Huber.

Of course, nobody wants to live in a society where arguments are settled on the street with guns. That’s why the left was so wildly irresponsible to encourage and cheer on BLM and Antifa violence that tore this country apart last summer.

You can’t start a fire and then talk about how bad fires are. We all know that. We all agree there shouldn’t have been a fire. Blaming someone for not wanting to get burned and claiming that shows firefighters are evil is bizarre and ridiculous.

The left shouldn’t have encouraged riots. Kamala Harris shouldn’t have tweeted support for a bail fund for BLM rioters who burned down property and got jailed. Networks like MSNBC shouldn’t have lied and called the deadly riots “mostly peaceful.”