Liberal Media Trying to Start a New Civil War

The media is very important because they help set the narrative and then reinforce it. That’s why politicians pay so much attention and help feed sound bytes and rhetoric to the cameras.

While it’s true the internet vastly expanded alternative media and truth-telling outlets, there is still a huge distribution of regular, liberal media to all corners of this country, with devastating impacts.

This is particularly true with the way America’s current national divide is being framed in the liberal media as being between reasonable, peace-loving progressives and insane, racist conservatives.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but now the left is trying to use this narrative to literally start a civil war.

The Leftist Media’s Ugly Crusade For Civil War

From the press to radio broadcasts and everything in between, the media has a big impact; it’s infected with a dangerous virus.

The name of that virus is left-wing extremism and neo-Marxism. If that sounds like a paranoid conspiracy theory, you can be assured those who lived in Russia before the Bolshevik takeover in 1917 also would have reacted that way.

The same goes for Cambodians prior to the genocidal onslaught of Marxist Pol Pot and the Chinese prior to the 1940s. This is when a madman called Mao Zedong overran the country and got peasants to murder their landlords and steal the land.

Socialist extremism and neo-Marxism are no joke: it’s deadly serious and it’s spreading rapidly in the United States of America.

The Media’s Message

What the media says often ends up spreading and having a huge influence on people’s perception of reality. 

After the attack on Trump’s properties, MSNBC host Tiffany Cross gave a speech that shows how out of touch with reality the media has become. 

Cross, who was criticized by Trump, went on to talk about official documents found in Trump’s basement. She then went on to say that everything leads her to believe civil war is imminent and has roots founded in MAGA and the Trump movement.

According to her, it’s conservatives who are stoking the conflict, while the reasonable and peace-loving left tries its best to maintain order and keep things from getting out of hand. 

Has this woman been literally living under a rock? Was she here in the summer of 2020 when leftist mobs burned down our cities and were cheered on by people like her?

Was she here when Biden and his regime continually gaslighted conservatives, Christians, and gun-owning Americans?

Has she any shame?

The Bottom Line

The extremist left in this country is going way too far and has become a direct danger to the republic.

Their “news” broadcasts have become an incitement to violence against patriots and conservatives.