Liberal Media Hacks Make Fun of Christians Following Nashville Massacre

Covenant Christian School in Nashville was devastated Monday when an armed individual reportedly entered the school and began shooting and killing those inside.

Three children and three adults are confirmed dead. The suspect, Audrey Hale (who called herself “Aiden”) identified as a transgender person, according to Nashville police.

This horrific shooting shows the danger of making a mental illness into an identity (gender dysphoria) and then inciting trans people to violence through the media and activism.

Though for the left, this is a chance to blame conservatives and regular people for not accepting trans identity enough.

Be Nicer…Or I’ll Kill You?

Various journalists, including ABC journalist Terry Moran and numerous celebrities, indicated that people being unkind or not accepting of trans people caused the shooting.

Fact check: Audrey Hale caused the shooting when she entered Covenant and opened fire on innocent young kids and teachers. Those who feel it’s the fault of people who don’t agree with transgender ideology also include leftist sports journalist Mike Wise.

Wise agreed people like Hale are “in pain” and angry for being “religiously indoctrinated.” Hale is a former student of Covenant and comes from a devout Christian family.

Leftist hacks who mocked Christians also include YouTube atheist political commentator David Pakman, who claimed the school must not have been praying “properly” since prayer didn’t stop the shooting.

Pakman’s attempt to mock the desire for more prayer in schools led to a huge backlash and he put out an apology video afterward.

In the video, he says he would never blame the victims, but was blaming right-wing politicians who always send “thoughts and prayers” that do nothing.

Here’s the Truth

Nobody thinks prayer literally stops bullets, at least nobody I know. They believe prayer in schools can foster an environment of togetherness and non-violence.

When you take away all the building blocks and values of society and replace them with an extreme rainbow ideology that harms kids, you end up with this kind of nightmare.

These journalists and celebrities going on about how bad Christians are and how “gender-affirming care” was banned in Tennessee are contributing to this violence.

They are spreading the false narrative that the lack of accepting trans people is making them violent. Nothing could be further from the truth: untreated mental illness and inciting them to anger are making trans people violent.